Tech Tidbits From Your ITS {2016-2017 v.3}

Getting in Gear

It is that time! I know at the beginning of every year a lot gets thrown at you and it can be overwhelming. I wanted to go ahead and give you a few things to play around with, as if you didn't already have enough to keep you busy.

Trust me, there will be plenty more to come.


Are you a fan of Pixie? Me too! Well, the division has purchased us Wixie, which is basically an online version of Pixie, with lots of added features. We still have Pixie, but I think you will come to love Wixie more.

Yes, your students will have to login, but they will not need a separate username and password for Wixie. It works with Clever, so it is just their initial network login.

Want to check out Wixie try this activity.

The link will open a Google Sheet and require you to make a copy, so you will need to be logged into Google as yourself. Once you have made a copy, try going through each challenge. As you complete a challenge, mark an X in the green column indicating you have completed the challenge. When you click into a new cell a badge should appear. If you have trouble with a challenge click on the "How To" link at the end of the row for help.

GAfE Tools

Have you started using the GAfE tools? Have you created a Google Doc? Have you shared a Google Doc? If you answered "No" to either of these two questions, let's take care of that this week! Create a Google Doc and share it with me! Still unsure how to do that? Let's work together to get this done!

GAfE isn't meant to be overwhelming, but I do want to make everyone comfortable with it. If you have specific Google questions, I am more than happy to find the answer if I don't already know.

Let's Collaborate!

Let's keep getting together to plan out these activities for your students! Use this calendar to sign up for time to collaborate. We'll come up with what will best suite your needs and the best way to implement it!

What's Going On?

Kudos to the following teachers!

  • Jaime (MBES) - Way to go getting your students into the 3rd Grade CLEVER resources!
  • Leyla (WWES) - You've got Plickers!!!!! Go girl!
  • Jim (MBES) - Thank you for modeling how to log on for your 2nd grade classes!
  • Mary N, Dana, Stephanie (WWES) - Thank you for modeling and helping me get all of 1st grade successfully logged into the computers!
  • Debra, Jill, and Sonya (MBES) - Thank you for letting me come show your students all the ways they can use the new Science Techbook this year!
  • Michelle (MBES) - Way to go using a Plan B when technology didn't work on Thursday! Your students were great and went with the flow! Even with that hiccup, they all know how to get into the techbook now!

Clever From Home

Did you see my email this week about accessing Clever from home? Here is the information again! Share it with your students and their parents so they can have access to all the tools even when they are away from our buildings!

Malibu access Clever from home

Windsor Woods access Clever from home

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