Through Our Eyes

Dessert Theatre

What is the Dessert Theatre?

Imagine it now.. a night full of yummy desserts and just as delicious performances! You don't have to fly to NYC to get a quality performance at GMS, instead, we have our own very talented arts program right next door.

How can I get tickets to the Dessert Theatre?

  • Location: Near drama room
  • When: before school, at 9:00
  • Cost: $5
By Anastasia Sims-Chin

Flappy Bird- still a hit or not?

You have probably heard that the hot app Flappy Bird got deleted from the App Store not too long ago. People have started making their own versions of the app like Splashy Fish and Flying Cyrus. We have interviewed students around school to see which version they like best. Obviously the original Flappy Bird won with 15 votes, then Flying Cyrus took second with 4 votes, and finally Splashy Fish got third with 2 votes. Even though Flappy Bird is out of the App Store it's still a hit for kids!

By: Alex G. & Haleigh C.