Hoot By Carl Hiaasen

Number Of Pages:292! "Save The Owls!" Flyer By Jacob Douglas

Hoot Summary!

In the book Hoot ,Roy is the new kid at the school. At his new school, he becomes the target of the bully, Dana. Dana is the typical bully who spends most of his time hurting his classmates senselessly. Fortunately, Roy makes two friends during his first days at school. His first friend is Beatrice . Beatrice is a tall girl nicknamed "Beatrice the Bear." She helps Roy with the bully named Dana. Breatrice's brother " Mullet' is Roy's second friend. He is known as the barefoot kid. Mullet is a runaway who has a bad relationship with his mother. Mullet also spent some time at military school because of behavioral issues. Another character in the book is Officer Delinko who investigates the vandalization going on at the construction site of Mother Paulas All American Pancake House. Leroy " Curly' Branitt is the cranky foreman of the pancake house. In the book it is revealed that Mullet is the one causing all the trouble at the pancake house. Mullet has come across owl holes in the ground and hopes to save them by delaying the construction of the pancake house which happens to be sit on the owls home. The entire book consists of the children trying to save the owls home from those looking to turn it into a restaurant.

The Theme Of This Story!

The theme of this story in my opinion is "Save The Owls".I think this because the kids are trying to save and protect the owls.I also think the author is trying to encourage kids to protect the wildlife and take care of it.