The Review: St.Petersburg edition

May 30th, 1849


Recently, our town dealt with the tragic murder of Dr. Robinson. Now, our hearts plead more to the mercy of God when beloved Tom Sawyer and Joe Harper were found missing. Where could they be? What has happened? We interviewed a random St. Petersburg citizen who says Huckleberry Finn is also gone and could, potentially be Tom and Joe's kidnapper. We don't have the details yet but, stay tune for further investigation.

Meet the author: Mark Twain

Exclusive interview with Mark Twain

As you know, I am always on the hunt for the next great American novel and I may have just found it. A book of adventure, romance, murders and imagination of childhood, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is a must read. Now, you might wonder who the mastermind is behind these refulgent tales but, not to worry any longer because I have information no other paper will get. I have the ultimate source: Mr. Mark Twain, the author, himself!

1) I enjoyed your allusion to Robin Hood when Tom and his friends played games like these on the island. Why did you choose this particular illusion?

Twain: In my childhood, I always played such games and they always amused me. I thought it would be nice to incorporate to a story about a young boy living in the south!

2) Why is a boy like Tom Sawyer your main character?

Twain: Tom is a care-free, funny, sometimes lazy boy who looks at the world differently than most. Adventure is his drive and he reminds me of a friend I used to have who was always like this.

3) Lastly, your book has adventure and romance. What is your take on Becky and Tom's relationship?

Twain: They are young and in love! It makes the story interesting as they make each other jealous by "liking" someone else. Quite a rocky relationship!

Well, there you have it! I hope now, you try Mr. Twain's book because, it is probably the next great American novel!

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