"The cold never bothered me anyway"

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5 Reasons why Denver is the best town

Reason #1- It's warmer than you'd think

January is thought to be one of, if not the, coldest months of the year. Now january in Denver, man that must be freezing. Actually, that's not true, sure there is a low average of 21.6 degrees fahrenheit, but that is not even a whole degree off of the 22 degree average of Boston! Denver is also even hotter in Boston during the summer! With an average of 88 degrees fahrenheit during July, Denver is warmer than you'd think.
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Reason #2 It's always sunny in Phili-Denver, I mean Denver

Not only is it fairly warm in Denver, it's also SUPER sunny. With an average of 245 sunny days, it beats both Cincinnati and Boston by more than 30 days, that's a whole month! with these sunny days, comes barely any rainfall. There is an average of 12.6 inches of rain each year, that is almost 3 times less compared to Boston and Cincinnati! Looks like Philadelphia isn't the only sunny place anymore.

Reason #3 Provides a future

Now, weather isn't the only positive of living in Denver, it's also a pretty wealthy city. The average home sale price, $310 K, is better than that of cincinnati, but not too expensive compared to the $550 K average of Boston. There has also been a recent increase in job growth with 2.96%, and it doesn't stop there. There is supposed to be a 40.10% future job growth later on.

Reason #4 Puts the "Safe" in "Safety Town"

With skiing and snowboarding being popular in Colorado, it's often for people to wear ski masks, but for a good reason. With a crime rate of 156, in Denver you won't see many people robbing banks or stores. The only thing you are likely to lose is one of your socks in the washer, but that isn't because somebody stole it from you.
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Reason #5 Go Local Sports team

Do you feel like you have nothing to do at home? That all your day consists of is being a couch potato and watching TV? Well in denver, we have several options for you to enjoy;

You can become a diehard Denver Broncos fan, or maybe go crazy about a different kind of horse and visit the seahorses at the Downtown Aquarium. The options are endless!

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