What's Wrong with Tobacco?

Amanda Neal

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Physical affects:

1) It ages skin.

2) It contributes to lung cancer.

3) It contributes to throat cancer.

4) It increases heart rate.

Social affects:

1) People around you inhale the smoke also.

2) Some places don't allow smoking so you have to stay home or go somewhere else.

3) You have to take time out of your time with friends and family to go smoke.

4) People don't like to be around smoke and smokers.

Tobacco affects you in many ways. On the physical side it might cause throat cancer, lung cancer, increased heart rate, and many other negative things. On the social side, you will miss out on doing things with your family and friends. Also people around you might get cancer as well. Another reason is that a lot of places don't allow smoking. This means that you might not be able to go places where the rest of your friends and/or family is going. On the mental side, you get addicted to the nicotine. This means that your going to smoke more and more. Also that means that your fingers will yellow and you heart rate will rise causing you to feel anxious.

Mental affects:

1) You get addicted to cigarettes.

2) Your heart rate rises, making you feel anxious.