LIFT Weekly Update

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Hey, everybody!

You've made it to the home stretch! Summer is right around the corner, and I'm sure it will be a hectic few weeks for many families. Let me encourage you in all the busyness to intentionally carve out time for the Lord with your family. One great way is to join us as a family for EASTER ON THE SQUARE, this Sunday at 10am!

Also, we are back to normal this week with Prayer Breakfast, as well as LIFT. At LIFT, we'll continue in our series "The Selfie Phenomenon," and enjoy FREE DINNER! If you missed the first session, it is below with follow-up Questions. There is no LifeLine this week, however, because of Easter. Enjoy some time with your family Sunday evening!

Also, if you missed our Technology Discipleship Class, you can watch all the videos HERE. There's also a follow-up Bible Study below!

Graduate letters went out last week with all the details of GRADUATE SUNDAY, MAY 18TH. If you are a senior and didn't receive yours for some reason, let me know so you can get your scholarship applications done soon!

Registration for Student Life Missions Camp @ Myrtle Beach is full! Let me know if you'd like to be added to the waiting list. It will be an amazing week with great missions projects, beach time, and incredible worship services with Kristian Stanfill and David Platt! The total cost for this amazing week-long camp is only $215!

Important Dates:

  • Graduate Sunday May 18th
  • Student Life Mission Camp @ Myrtle Beach, June 16-20, 2014
  • LIFToff! August 2-3

Last Week's Message from LIFT

Selfie Phenomenon 1

Follow-Up Questions for Parents

· Do your presence on social media (including texting, chatting, etc.) really reflects who you are?

· If you were to look back at all of your texts, posts, and tweets from the last couple of months, what would you think about who you saw?

· Would you be content or want to make some changes?

· Does it bother you that nothing you text or do online is really private? Why?

· If the things we say and post on social media are a reflection of what is overflowing out of our hearts, what is coming out of yours?

· What steps can you take to overflow more of Jesus?