Washing hands

Why to wash your hands

You need to wash your hands so that you don't get sick or spread dieases to other people and make them sick. You can get alot of different germs from not washing your hands that can cause infection in you or other people. You also should wash your hands for hygiene purposes
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When to wash your hands

After you get cut you should wash you hands so that you don't get an infection in the cut. You should also wash your hands after you use the bathroom, come inside from playing and you should wash your hands when your about to eat any type of food.
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How to wash your hands

1.You should turn the water on 2.then you should wet your hands 3.then you should put soap on your hands .4. Next you should srucb you hands for about 20 second, 5.then you should rinse your hands of 6. then you should dry your hands.
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