Southern Pines Elementary Bulletin

April 21, 2015

Upcoming Visits

Dr. Grimesey will be with us next Wednesday to visit some classrooms and we will also have a school improvement site visit next Thursday.

4th Grade Performance

The fourth graders pulled it all together and had a super performance last night. Thanks to Ms. Flynn, the fourth grade and specials teachers and everyone else who helped out. Way to go!

2nd Grade Visit

Rising third graders will visit our campus on Tuesday May 12th to visit school and hopefully help feel better about the transition. More details will be coming soon.


As we are nearing the end of the year, It is essential for everyone to supervise students closely at all times. I think we do a really good job of this but as you all know diligent supervision can help prevent unpleasant incidents.


Many of you have already completed observations. If you know that you have no more observations, log into the evaluation program and complete the teacher portion of the end of year PDP. You will click on PDP end of year review and then PDP details. If you feel that you have successfully completed your goals, you can type this in the comments box. After you type in your comments you should be able to authenticate after saving. We all know this program is very quirky so if you have problems let me or Ms. Fox know.


I have added testing dates to the calendar below for planning purposes. Please remember that these are not absolute yet, but I think they are close.

Scene Around Campus

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April 28 PTA Meeting 6:30

April 29 Superintendent Visit

April 30 5th Grade Field Trip

April 30 School Improvement Site Visit

May 1 4th Grade LINK UP Concert

May 5 PBIS Meeting 3

May 6 National Bike to School Day (SP Rec.)

May 12 Rising 3rd Graders Visit 12:30

May 15 PBIS Dance

May 22 Field Day

May 25 Memorial Day Holiday

June 2 ELA EOG

June 3 Math EOG

June 4 NCFE 4th Social Studies

June 4 EOG Math and Reading Make-Ups

June 5 NCFE 5th Social Studies

June 5 EOG Math and Reading Make-Ups

June 8 EOG Science 5th

June 9 NCFE Science 4th

June 9 NC EOG ELA Make-up 3rd

June 10 NCFE Make-up

June 11 Last day of school