Are you taken hostage

by your own business?

Do you feel like you have No life?

Do you want to break free from the bondage of your business by making it independently successful??
Are you a business owner who has been taken hostage because you have to babysit the business all the time?
Instead of owning your business, does the business own you??
Do you have to take care of everything, every little problem and detail in your
Would you like help in order to automate your business so that the business works independently of you and makes you money?
Do you wish each individual in your business to have his/her specific responsibilities to which she/he is accountable?

Through our coaching, you can break free and the business makes money for you like a machine!


We Specialize in Business AUTOMATIZATION!

A business is like a ship. You as the owner are the captain of that ship. We understand that business owners wish to have results that are of significance to them and are measurable; so we do not just follow a checklist as many consulting firms may. We customize our strategy specifically to each client. Initially our strategy is to focus our approach to that which the business/client indicates to be the major issue at hand. It is in essence trouble-shooting the ship so that it does not sink and in fact starts to function appropriately. We are very result oriented in our activities, procedures and operations.

Once the business has stabilized however, we focus our attention on "AUTOMATIZATION".

Automatization is a phrase that I have coined to describe my approach to business optimization. In short it is creating a business that is driven by systems; procedures, technology and the business runs like a lubed machine generating money; which is exactly what a business is supposed to do without the owner's around-the-clock babysitting or hand-holding. In order to "automatize" your business so that it starts making you money and gives you freedom to live a quality balanced life that you desire, our initial step is to stay focused on the money.

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