Lanham Lowdown

4th Grade News

December 12th, 2014

Important Dates

Toys for Tots Due

Monday, December 15th

Yearbook Orders Due (extended date)

Wednesday, December 17th

Math Unit 5 Test

Friday, December 19th

Food Pantry Drive Last Day

Friday, December 19th

Winter Party

Friday, December 19th

Winter Break

December 22nd- January 2nd

Six Flags and Ozzie Reading Due

February 23rd

Winter Party

Our Winter Party will be taking place on Friday, December 19th. We are looking for a few items to be donated for our party. Click on the link below to see the items we need for our party. Type your name next to the item you will be able to send in by December 18th. Thank you!

Student Authors

Check out the student authors this week! (Pictures will appear in next week's newsletter).

writing and grammar

This week in school our class has been writing cinquains. When our class first heard about cinquains everyone burst into "yes or yahoo". If you don't know what a cinquain is there are instructions of how to do one.

.five-line poems that do not rhyme.

.the first and fifth line contain two syllables

.the second line contains four syllables

.the third line contains six syllables

.the forth line contains eight syllables

.the fifth line contains two syllables

That is how you do a cinquain. Here is a example of one if you are confused:


Alo't of kinds

Sprinkles and frosting great

Gingerbread and candycanes cool




This week in math we learned about something called exponentiall notation, and those little numbers are called exponents. Also we got to finish our homework and at first we all thought that it was hard and complicated, but then when we all got that "Oh, I got it moment." Another thing that we did was we got to see in our SRB who could find biggest number in the world tour unit and that s how we got idea what was really exponential notation. Also this week we learned about partial products and lattice methods, because when you have big mutiplication problems those math methods will come in handy.

By: Noah Only


We read "the man who named the clouds". Luke howard studied about the clouds. He went to school and learned latin. He loved looking at clouds. The whole class wrote Christmas poems. My favorite activity was reading to self. The magic tree house is a book that I am reading.

By: Dasha

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