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Village Family Newsletter: Week of 8/16/2021

Principal's Message

August 13, 2021

Dear Village Elementary Families,

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! We are so excited to be back to school full time and be able to connect, challenge and champion your student each and every day! Onward and Upward We Go!

We have so much to be proud of and grateful for here at Village! We are all ready to come back to school energized and ready for the challenge of getting back into the great work we do. Our Village staff is well-rested and motivated to make this year the best year yet for the students that attend the Best School in the Universe.

We know that it takes a village to create the magic that happens at Village each and every day. Please be a part of our magic making. We are who we are at Village, full of rich traditions and excellence, because of the people in the connections that we hold. Join us in making sure that each and every child, every day, has a connection, a challenge, and a champion for their success.

For more information on any of our programming, please visit our website at https://village.coronadousd.net/. I hope that you find our new website helpful and easy to use. We will be updating it regularly.

I will send weekly updates as school gets up and running...keep watching for new information on our Website, Village Facebook and our Village Instagram pages.

Onward and Upward We Go!

Heidi Bergener, Ed.D.

Proud Village Elementary Principal

Village Elementary 2021-2022 Focus

WIN “What I Need” Time

Our master schedule is designed to help us attend to the individual and small group needs of all of our students during intervention and extension time (now called WIN Time). Whether you were with us at Village last year during Hybrid learning, attended full time at another school, or are new to Coronado Schools, we’ve got YOU! Differentiation in academic areas (ELA, writing, Math) and in our Specials (VAPA, ILAB and PE) is our specialty. We have been differentiating for years and have been very successful. This year will not be any different. We will continue to thrive in meeting our students where they are academically, behaviorally, and socially. Communication with your child’s teacher will be incredibly important this year as we fill in gaps, remediate and accelerate learning for all.

Social Emotional Learning

We are ready to meet the social-emotional needs of all of our students! Through our daily Sanford Harmony curriculum and classroom practices/procedures, we will use meet ups and circle ups, to help us grow and foster strong, trusting relationships that focus on inclusion, empathy, and compassion. When conflicts arise, through Restorative Practices, we will be able to resolve those conflicts and restore relationships with each other. To aide in this process and further support our students, staff and families, we have two (Military Family Life Counselors (MFLCs) and 1.5 Clinical Counselors on site. We firmly believe that our social emotional needs come first for each and every student. This solid foundation creates confident students at Village who feel safe, valued, loved and connected to school.

Playworks-Return to Play Programming

Re-entering the playground scene will take patience, practice and relearning of routines, rules and procedures. We are ready for this! We will be implementing a program called Playworks at both elementary schools in CUSD. We plan to provide high-energy, structured recess options that focus on developing positive relationships, sincere sportsmanship, and active play! We know that through play, kids learn to make friends, solve problems, and believe in themselves. Our robust team of PE and recess supervision are trained and are ready to start the year off with lots of fun and active play!

UPDATED: 8/13/2021

Health and Safety

We will be following all San Diego County recommendations and mandates. As new information comes out, we will be sure to send it out to you.

Please note: All of the protocols below are built to minimize exposure and keep all of our students safe, healthy and IN SCHOOL, FULL TIME. As guidance changes from the county, we will also change. At this time, these our our guidelines and procedures, developed with great care and consideration.

Guidelines Specific to VIllage Elementary:

Classrooms and on Campus:


Students are required to wear a mask when entering or exciting campus, and in the classroom.

At this time, when students are present, all adults (regardless of vaccination status) and students are required to wear masks. For masks at recess and lunch, please see below.

Clear Desk Partitions: At this time, we are not using the clear desk partitions.

We will, when possible, adhear to stable cohorts, keeping students in consistent small groups in the classroom.

Morning and Lunch Recess:

Masks are not required at morning and afternoon lunch recess or when students are eating. Masks are required when entering and exiting campus.

Morning and Lunch Recess will look different this year. Recess will be structured and stations will be provided to make sure students remain in stable cohorts. Students will rotate through the stations throughout the week, and will be provided a variety of activities. Options for hanging out to socialize, read, color, etc. will be provided.

Eating at Lunch: Students will sit in assigned seating during their lunch times, in Village Hall. This is imperative to keep our stable groupings in tact and minimize exposure to other cohorts/small groups when students are in closer proximity to each other. Windows and doors will remain open for steady air flow.

Our lunch tables will have three students, per bench, equally 6 students per table. Students will have 20 minutes to eat, a 20 minute structured recess, and a 5 minute transition time. If students need more than 20 minutes to eat, that time will be provided. We have plenty of staff to help supervise, open containers for our younger students, and guide as needed. For more information on Nutrition Services, please see below in this newsletter.

Further information about reopening protocols set forth by San Diego County, including the Decision Tree for student attendance, please see links above.

Important Information about Village Elementary

Village Parent and Teacher Organization (PTO):

Please, please become a member of PTO! Without the generous membership donations of time and money, Village would not be the incredible school that it is today! PTO pays for field trips, assemblies and presentations, art supplies and Meet the Masters projects, grade level and teacher funding and school culture building. They host several events throughout the year like the Fall Festival, Jog-a-thon, Bingo for Books, and Movie nights! Please check out our Village PTO page for more information and announcements.

Coronado Schools Foundation (CSF):

CSF is the Coronado Schools Foundation and is separate from our Village PTO. CSF raises money for special programs and pathways at Village. Our Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA), Innovation Lab (ILAB), Band and Choir are all paid for by CSF. Without your generous donations, our students would not be provided these opportunities. Please consider signing up for Hive365 to help keep our programs alive and thriving for our students.


We hope to have volunteering in full swing this year. More information to come! Please be patient with us as we try to get volunteers on campus ASAP, all the while, following state and county mandates.

New Initiatives for CUSD

NEW UPDATE 8/13/2021

1:1 Computers: Students in grades 1st-5th will be given new chromebook laptop on the 1st day of school for their usage thoughout the school year. They will be required to bring the computer back and forth to school with them each day. Students in Kinder will be using school provided computers, as needed, at school.

Here is the letter from CUSD:

Dear CUSD Parents/Guardians:

Coronado Unified School District is committed to preparing students for success in school and beyond. Part of this preparation includes exposing students to technology and guiding them in its appropriate uses. We are happy to announce that in the 2021-2022 school year, all 1st through 12th grade CUSD students will be issued a Chromebook for educational use at school and at home. Chromebooks will be treated like a textbook and students will be issued devices at the start of the year for the entirety of their career in CUSD, or until the next replacement cycle. Families may keep their devices over the summer to continue their learning. Students’ access to district-provided technology at home promotes our CUSD vision and supports personalized learning, opportunities for enrichment, equitable access to resources, and career readiness. Our CUSD protections and firewalls for inappropriate content is in place at all times. Students will practice responsibility for operating and maintaining their individual devices.

For more information about this program, please follow the links below:

Free Lunch for All: Free Lunch Meals for all Enrolled Students for school year 2021-2022

The USDA has approved UNIVERSAL FREE LUNCH MEALS for all students that are enrolled in the Coronado Unified School District for school year 2021-2022. No applications will be necessary to receive the daily lunch meals. For more information, click here.

Bulk Breakfast Distribution: Free bulk breakfast distribution for all students in CUSD will take place each Tuesday from 3:15-4:00 pm, at Village Hall. More information from Nutrition Services will be available soon.

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Step 1: Register Online - Register Now!



Step 2: Attend a Registration Completion Day in August & Provide Required Documentation

  • Review & Complete Required, Site-Specific & Additional Forms (CLICK HERE FOR ALL FORMS)
  • Attend a Registration Completion Day & Provide all Required Documentation (DATES LISTED BELOW)

Registration Completion Dates:

New Students:

Returning Students: Registration is not complete until online registration has been completed AND verification of residency documents have been submitted to the registrar at your child's school site in August. See returning student registration dates for each site below.

August 18, 8:00-11:30am & 12:30-3:00pm - Last Name: A-K

August 19, 8:00-11:30am & 12:30-3:00pm - Last Name: L-Z

Required Forms:

1. Birth Verification - New students only (certified copy of birth certificate, passport, baptismal certificate duly assessed, or affadavit-only when none of the other acceptable documents are available per CA Ed Code 48002)

2. Verification of Student Residency - All students, completed form & 2 proof of residence documents (acceptable documents listed on attachment)

3. Immunization Requirement - New students must provide a complete immunization record & 7th graders must provide proof of a Tdap booster

4. School Entry Health Exam - Kindergarten & 1st grade only

5. Oral Health Assessment - TK & Kindergarten students only

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Health Information and Medications

If your child will require medication at school, please remember to bring in medication authorization forms, (see attached link for specific forms and information) and medications, on 8/24 and 8/25 from 8:00-11:30 am and 12:30-3 pm. Thank you for bringing your child's authorization forms and medications prior to the 1st day in order to help us prepare for a smooth transition and the 1st day of school.

Medical Forms

Questions? Please email our school health clerk at:

Village: village.nurse@coronadousd.net

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Meet and Greet for TK/K Students

8/25/2021 @ 11:00-11:30 am at Village TK/K Students

  • Class Lists for TK/K posted at 10:45 am 6th St. gates by lower playground
  • Entrance for TK/K "Meet and Greet" and tour through 6th St. gates by lower playground
  • Please be prompt (arrive early to find parking) at 11:00 AM for the tour and Meet and Greet and School Tour.

Students and parents will receive a short tour of the school which will include playground, bathrooms, library, cafeteria, ILAB and VAPA room. After the school tour, students will see their classroom, meet the teacher, find their desk and take home a welcome packet.

All students, parents and staff will need to be masked during the entire tour while in front of school and while on school grounds.

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School Tour for "New to Village" Families

8/25/2021 @ 5:00 PM

Are you new to Village? Come tour the campus at 5:00 PM, on Wednesday, August 25th, 2021. We will meet at 6th Street gates in front of school.

Dr. Bergener will be leading the campus tour and explore the school which will include playgrounds, bathrooms, library, cafeteria, ILAB and VAPA room and the Champions childcare program.

This tour is designed for "New to Village" students and parents, but all interested are welcome to attend. Dr. Bergener will be the only one leading the tour, so please be prompt and stay with the tour group. Masks will be mandatory for all in attendance; ages 2 and up.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

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Arrival and Dismissal

1st Day Protocol

  • Arrive Early! Parking will be tough. Please consider walking or riding your bike to campus.
  • Parents are welcome to line up with their students on the 1st day, if they so choose.
  • Everyone must be masked, ages 2 and older, in order to be on campus, at any time.
  • Upon entering the campus, please look for your child's teacher's name/room number on the playground.
  • TK, K, 1st, 3rd: Lower playground near 6th street

    2nd, 4th 5th: Upper Playground near H Ave

  • Village Staff will be out early on this morning greeting students and helping to direct foot traffic.
  • At 8:10 for Village, we respectfully ask that you "kiss and go" at the line, and allow your student to enter the classroom without you. Support staff will be present to help those students (on the rare occasion) who might have a harder time saying goodbye to parents.
  • Parents will then be asked to exit out of the gates they entered, allowing us to shut the gates and secure our campus.
  • Arrival after 8:15am, please go through the front office for a tardy pass.
  • Masks are required in front of school, while waiting to enter campus, and after school, until you are completely off school grounds (ie: grass areas and sidewalks)

2nd Day and Following

In alignment with our safety protocols, on the 2nd day, parents will not be permitted past the gates upon arrival to school. Students will enter on their own and will be escorted, if needed, by school staff to their classroom

Arrival and Dismissal Gates

Grades TK, K, 1st, 3rd- Enter at 6th Street Gates, near lower playground

Grades 2, 4, 5: Enter at H St Gates, near Flag Pole and Village Hall

Staggered Arrival Times:

8:00 TK/K, 1st, 4th, 5th

8:05 2nd, 3rd

Staggered Dismissal Times:

2:50: K, 1st, 4th, 5th

2:55: 2nd/3rd


Students stay with their teacher until an adult has picked them up. If headed to Champions after school program, they are escorted from their classroom, before dismissal, to Village Hall with Champions supervision.


Students are escorted out of the gates and are either walked home by parent or alone, depending on parent preference. Please communicate with your child before the 1st day of school as to your individual preference.

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Important Dates

Tuesday, August 24th

4:00 PM- CUSD Ice Cream Social Location: CUSD District Office

Wednesday, August 25th

10:45 AM-Class lists for Kinder available at 6th street gates

11:00 AM -Kindergarten Orientation (Please enter through 6th Street Gate)

-1 parent per student and masks are mandatory for all parents/students and people above 2 years of age.

2:00 PM- Class Lists Posted in Synergy and Front Window of Office

5:00 PM- New to Village Family Tour (Please be prompt and enter through 6th Street Gates)

-Designed for "New to Village" students and parents, but all interested are welcome to attend. Dr. Bergener will be the only one leading the tour, so please be prompt and stay with the tour group.

Thursday, August 26th

1st Day of School

TK: 8:10-11:50 AM

K-5th Grades: 8:10 AM -2:55 PM

(See above for staggered arrival and dismissal times)

Wednesday, September 1st

5:00-7:00 PM Back to School Night-Details to Come

Monday, 9/6/2021

Labor Day- No School

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School Hours

Village School Hours:

TK (This is the schedule ALL year. It will not change to extend the school day.)

M- F: 8:10-11:50 AM

**Students will be provided lunch at 10:45 AM

**Students may choose the free lunch option, or bring your own.

Kinder-5th Grades

M, T, TH, F: 8:10 AM -2:55 PM

W: 8:10-1:40 PM

Staggered Arrival Times:

8:00 TK/K, 1st, 4th,5th

8:05 2nd, 3rd

Staggered Dismissal Times:

2:50: K, 1st, 4th, 5th

2:55: 2nd/3rd

Kinder-5th Grade Lunch Schedule:

11:00 Kinder
11:20 1st

11:45 2nd
12:05 3rd
12:30 4th
12:50 5th

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Welcome New Staff

Please join me in welcoming our new staff members to our Village and ECDC community!

New Assignments/Grade Levels and Staff Members

3rd: Alexis Wright (Congratulations!)

English Language Development: Eveleen Coker

SPED Program Coordinator: Jeff Kozlowski

Special Education Instructor: Jillian Arnold

½ Time Clinical Counselor: TBD


Linda Kirk is joining team Coronado High School

Juan Aldana is joining team Child Nutrition Services

Katie Leontieff is joining team CUSD Transitional Ed

Rachel Hallett is joining team Silver Strand

Mallory Hohenstein is joining team Seattle, WA

**All will be missed greatly!***

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PTO Information

We are so very excited for our partnership with our Village PTO! The PTO board has been diligently working hard over the summer to plan and organize for our upcoming year.

We need your help! Our PTO membership kickoff is coming soon and our goal is to have 100% participation from each family and staff member. Our first PTO meeting will be held in person with a virtual option for those who are not physically able to attend.

Please join us in creating the best year yet as we ensure that every student, everyday, has a challenge, and connection and a champion!

Coming Soon

1st PTO Meeting Date

Membership Drive

Village PTO Calendar of Events for 2021-2022

Officers and Volunteers Solicitation

PTO Contact: ContactNadoVillagePTO@gmail.com

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Coronado Schools Foundation (CSF)

Village Elementary is fortunate to benefit from our generous and committed Coronado community. The Coronado Schools Foundation (CSF) funding has enabled Village to offer students STEM experiences in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics and in Visual and Performing Arts. This year, Coronado School’s Foundation returned over $900,000 to our schools! Please support our students and schools through CSF!!

Learn more about CSF, and become a part of Hive 365!!! https://csfkids.org/

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Student Lunches -Child Nutrition Services

Free Lunches for ALL!

Did you know that CUSD will be providing free lunches to ALL students next year?

Link to our CUSD Child Nutrition Services Link:


Child Nutrition Services Announces FREE LUNCH MEALS for all Enrolled Students for the 2021-2022 School Year

The USDA has approved universal free lunch meals for all students enrolled in the Coronado Unified School District for the entire year regardless of meal status. No applications will be needed to receive the free daily lunch meal. We will be taking proper precautions with increased sanitation and cleaning procedures. This will include, but not limited to, students sanitizing hands prior to getting food, sanitizing hands prior to exiting the line, CNS staff sanitizing the salad bar and all contact surfaces between grades and changing tongs between grades as well.

We will be providing FREE bulk breakfast meals (5 days' worth of milk, fruits, cereal, yogurt, crackers, and cheese) for pick up once per week for all children between the ages of 1-18 years old. This will be available at Village Elementary (on H Street) and Silver Strand Elementary on Tuesdays, after school, until 4pm.

We are thrilled to be back to business as normal and are excited to see the students again. Here in the Child Nutrition Services Department, we go a step beyond to ensure your child is getting the most health conscious and appealing food we can provide. All items we serve are made with whole grains. We serve only 100% beef and chicken products, with minimal to no fillers, by-products, or textured vegetable proteins. For a better understanding of our program, school site menus, and what we have to offer, please visit our website here. The "Why Eat School Lunch" Brochure on the website is a great resource to understand our regulations for the program because we can't just serve anything!

At the Elementary School level, each student will be able to come through the lunch line and get one free lunch per day. This includes the choice of one entrée, one milk, one juice, and whatever fruits/vegetables they would like from the salad bar. We will only be offering whole fruits and packaged vegetables at this time.

No second meals will be allowed for purchase to ensure all students are able to get a first meal if they desire. If students are still hungry, the salad bar is buffet style, and they may go through for seconds on any of the fresh fruit/vegetable options for the day.

Important to Note:

-Students can choose to access this option if they choose to, but it is not mandatory.

-On Pizza day, which is Tuesday, we will have extra meals on hand because it is a popular day. We can not guarantee that all students will get the lunch of their choice (due to varying student choices), but all students will be given two other choices if their 1st choice in unavailable.

-Menu options will include three entree choices and pre-packaged fruits, vegetables from the salad bar and milk.

-All menu selections are based USDA regulations. We only serve Whole Grain items (buns, tortillas, french toast) and our meats contain no fillers or byproducts (100% beef hotdogs/hamburger patties)

-Water/cups will be available for students.

-Students will not need to enter a pin number or swipe a card. This will speed up the lunch line.

-Students will no longer be able to get a second meal or second piece of pizza. They are able to come back to the salad bar for unlimited fruits and vegetables, if they are still hungry.

-We will no longer offer additional snacks for purchase. No money will be exchanged in the cafeteria.

-If your student traditionally bought an additional lunch/snack, we suggest that they bring healthy snacks from home to augment their lunch if not interested in the unlimited fruits and vegetable option at school.

-Menus will be posted online monthly under the Nutrition Services tab of the CUSD website and posted on the Weekly Village Newsletter.

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Parent Communication

CUSD and Village Communication

We are committed to providing you with pertinent and timely information throughout the year. The Village website and Facebook are updated regularly, and you’ll receive a weekly principal email with a link to our Village Family Newsletter (every Sunday at 5:00pm)

Please take time to read through this important information and reminders.

Social Media:

Please connect directly with Village Elementary regarding questions and concerns. It is our district protocol/policy that site administrators and school staff DO NOT monitor local Coronado social media sites (ie: Coronado Moms and Dads, Coronado 92118, Coronado Happenings and Crown Talk). Dr. Bergener and office will only monitor posts made by us to the Village Facebook Site and our Village Instagram page. We will try to respond in a timely manner. We highly encourage you to contact Dr. Bergener, Ms. White, your child's teacher or office staff per email or phone, if you have a question or concern. Our social media motto: We lift people up, bring people together and celebrate the greatness of our Coronado Village community!

Student and Parent Technology Information (Including ClassLink)

Student and Parent Technology Information (Including ClassLink)

Student & Parent Technology Support

Synergy ParentVUE and StudentVUE



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