Cheating in the Olympics

What: --Chat with scientists about cheating in the Olympics.

When: --Thursday, Sept 29 at 9pm EDT

Where: --On #SciStuChat on Twitter

Some of the 6 questions for tonight's chat!

Q1 Share examples of cheating in the Olympics & how it is connected to science. #scistuchat

Q2 Share a form of doping used to gain advantage in competition & how it effects the body. #scistuchat

Q3 Why is preventing cheating in the Olympics so difficult- especially when it comes to doping? #scistuchat

The Olympics has just wrapped up - Did everyone play fair?

http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/the-scientific-american-guide-to-cheating-in-the-olympics/ by @billgifford

Check out this article by Bill Gifford in Scientific American. Mr. Gifford explores the history and methods of cheating in the Olympics.

The Science of Steroids

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Tips for Preparing for the chat!

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Sample questions for the chat.