About Me

William Vaughn Meshack III

During high-school I plan on...

  • Having at least an A average for my HS years.
  • Taking place in many extracurricular activities
  • Getting a scholarship

After high-school I am...

  • Going to college (preferably the Air Force Academy)
  • maybe, enlisting in the Air Force
  • Doing AF reserve while completing college

When I am in my 20's I see myself...

With a job and a nice condo/apartment.

Too improve my health I will:

  1. Compete in sport
  2. Eat a well balanced diet
  3. Get enough sleep
  4. Also, take proper precautionary actions

At home I like to...

  • Play outside
  • Play sports
  • Listen to Music
  • Watch TV
  • Play Video Games
  • READ
  • and, finally, SLEEP

At school I like to...

  • Listen to Music
  • READ
  • Study

People I like to hangout with...

  • Everybody......pretty much

I am good at...

  • Academics
  • Video Games
  • Basketball
  • Piano
  • Music

My Pros & Cons


  • Social
  • Smart
  • Active
  • Can prove my point

  • Talk-too-much.....sometimes
  • Get caught up in little things
  • Argumentative

I'd like to try....

Zero Gravity

Health: My Positives & Negatives


  • Have friends
  • Do well in school
  • Good home environment
  • Athletic


  • Could work out more
  • Don't get enough sleep