We Need a Hero

A hero is needed to stand up for the good of the human race.

We need someone to defend our rights.

Allow us as citizens of the United States to live as we should.

A hero is needed to protect the right of citizens and stop crimes.

This hero must be:

- Heroic

- Strong

- Brave

- Iconic

- Loving

Any of us could be that hero...

Hero's Motto:

You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

A hero must be willing to step up and take order for what believes is right.

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They must have high values and morals.

They must be a reliable and respectable citizen. Have an overall care for our well being.

They need to be inspiring.

Give people a reason to step up and take action against what they think is wrong.

They must be able to risk their life to defend the better good.

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There appearance can vary:

Whether they're a police officer, a politician, or even a masked vigilante. They will have pride, honor, and represent our hero.