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Interview with Frederick Douglass

I interviewed Frederick Douglass the famous abolitionist and writer.

Christaun: What was your first owner treating you like?

Frederick: He treated me very poorly like i was nothing and not like a slave owner would treat a child.

C: How did you think your owner felt when he realized you ran away?

F: I think he felt angry, disappointed, and afraid of things i could do.

C: What was you job on the plantation?

F: I would pull the weeds out of the plantation and help the older slaves.

C: Why did you escape from slavery besides your freedom?

F: I escaped because i wanted Africans to have the same rights as white people and not be slaved.

C: Why did you disguise your self as a sailor to run away?

F: I did this so i can get on a ship but i thought that they where going to see that i was not the person that was not on the card so then I got on the train.

C: How did running away help other peoples lives?

F: I helped the Negros get in to an all white air force.

C: What did you accomplish when you ran away to the free world?

F: I started writing my own books, publishing my own newspaper, and fought against slavery

C: What encouraged you to do what you did to the world.

F: I did this so the world would be even.

slave jurnal

It's a familiar place with familiar faces. My son leo on the side watching me get sold of to the white folks. There ready for me Rick to show them the abilities and skills that have come in me. They are calling out numbers to sell me I felt my feet trembling I heard my teeth chatter my mind is racing . My sun in tears as the man calls out sold to the man in the bright white cote. his name is master reader's. I see his long dark beard and his short dark hair. Master came over to me to observe and i smelled a strong cologne coming from the mans cote. He tide me up and put me in the wagon to me to Missouri.

biography of Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman is one of the most famous abolitionist and one of the most popular people for the underground railroad. Also freeing a hole bunch of slaves.

She was born in Maryland 1820-1822 know one nos when she was born. She was only a child at the age of 12 and traveled with her two brothers. She was born a slave with her 10 siblings on a plantation. Harriet was confident that she would get away and that is what she did. She was diagnosed with

Harriet was married to John Tubman in 1844, and in 1869 she married Nelson Davis. She had her only child with Nelson and she was named Gertie Davis. In the civil war Harriet played as a spy, and nurse. After Harriet stopped freeing slaves she helped around 300 slaves get to freedom. 1849 Tubman escaped to freedom.

Harriet freed plenty of slaves to be close to exact she feed a little bit over three hundred slaves in nineteen trips. She stayed at three different abolitionist's houses on her way to freedom. She would know if they are abolitionist or not because they would have a quilt on the railing of the porch or because they will have a lite lantern in there widow.

Fun facts about Harriet Tubman. Harriets real name was Harriet ross. she was born on 1822 in Maryland. Also died in March 10, 1939.

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union civil war letter, Vicksburg

July 4, 1863

Dear mother,

This war was bloody and vicious also hard to believe. First, the confederate rebels surprised us and attacked then the war broke out. We fought in warren county, Mississippi. It lasted from May 18- July 4, 1863. 806 of our men died and 805 of the confederate rebels men died. The confederate lost control of the Mississippi river after the war. Finally, the war was over, we had won.

Love Your Son, John

I have gotten to the north all the way from Missouri it was quick but challenging. I have been sent back to the woods recover my tracks. I have made it pst the boarder to the north and i cross saffley.