By: Shylow Dooley (3rd Block ELA)


Tj starts growing in a tall apartment building. He was not very well up and wondering why his parents don't play or touch him.


Tj's parents start to use more drugs than they have before. Tj is growing older and has to get himself up every morning and dress himself. He has been pushing himself to do better and he made Honor Roll. He doesn't get the care he needs at home. After a few months of using more drugs his dad dies. When his dad dies Social Services Take Tj away from his mother until she can get help and stop doing drugs. Social Services take shim to a very nice and big house where a lady named Miss. Dixie took VERY GOOD care of him.

Rising Action

Tj is in a VERY GOOD home. He gets fresh home cooked meals every night, gets the help and support he needs for school, and he has other kids to play with. He met 4 NEW PEOPLE!! He met Mae who was 4, Rico who was 8, Annabelle who was about his age, and Prince who was Miss.Dixie's son and he was a little older than him. Tj started going to a new high school. Tj was in a GOOD LOVING HOME and he is making good grades and staying out of trouble, until one day he receives what he thinks is "BAD NEWS". The "BAD NEWS" was that his mother took classes and was not doing drugs anymore she was CLEAN!! The court gave her back full custody of Tj. When she got him back for 2 WEEKS STRAIT Tj would be alone for hours sitting on the steps on the apartment because his mother sill had her ADDICTION to DRUGS. So, one night Tj decided to call SOCIAL SERVICES on his mother. They did a home check and found nothing that suspected she was back on drugs. Tj got very upset, so he decided to join a gang called the "Hillside Vipers." When he joins the group the leader BB wants him to do some very hard tasks in order for him to earn his tattoo chain.


Tj's first task was to beat up on of

Falling Action


Character Traits (TJ)


Brave- Tj is brave because he decided to join a gang and did things that he could have gone to jell over.