SPED Update 5/24/16

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It’s was a whirlwind week last week! There were retirement receptions, high school graduation, and finally the last work event of the week, preschool graduation night. As I sat in the bleachers, watching those preschoolers stand excitedly on the stage in their red caps and gowns looking out at their adoring parents, I had a brief moment to reflect on all the work over the last year in getting these kids to this moment. All the work this early childhood team had done to get to this single event. Along the way lessons were taught, behaviors were addressed, IEP’s were written, and evaluations were completed. In the end kids learned and grew but this one memorable event was the culmination of 182 days of hard work! Each teacher and para was a member of the team that got kids to this point. Graduation! Just the night before, I was seated quietly backstage at our high school graduation ceremony. I watched as eight of our students received their high school diploma and I watched as a community honored Adam Gasper with the "Heart of the Wolf" award. Every special education staff member played an important role in getting these students to that moment.

After each graduation ceremony I watched as parents filed out to meet their kids and take pictures with each teacher and para who meant so much to them. As I stood by a parent taking a photo of her son with four of our special education staff, she said to me, “You all have an amazing program.” Of course I agreed, stating, “Yes, these teachers are pretty amazing!” I am truly proud to have such great people on our staff who go above and beyond for kids! (and yes in the picture above Liz Kingley's hair is purple after losing a bet with a student during a game of scrabble!)

Thanks for being so amazing! Have a great summer and be ready to rock 2016-17!


CHANCES of Stone County is again selling Price Cutter Charity Championship Raffle Tickets. This is their big fund raiser of the year and they get 100% of money from the tickets they sell. With these funds they have funded many scholarships to send kids to Barnabas for summer camp.

Raffle tickets are $25 each (cash, credit card or check made out to PCCC). There is a special deal again this year! FOR EVERY 3 TICKETS YOU PURCHASE, YOU'LL GET 1 FREE!

This will up your odds at winning one of the prizes;

  • 2016 Ford F150 Red Truck
  • $10,000 cash
  • Or several hundred smaller daily prizes
If you win a daily prize, your stub will be put back in for the large prizes. You can also use your ticket stub as a pass to watch the event on August 11-14, 2016 at Highland Springs Country Club in Springfield, MO.

There are only 8,000 tickets available. They will sell out quickly and once they do, they're gone! You can check out the Price Cutter Charity Sweepstakes Website for further information and can purchase your tickets by contacting Cherie Smetana via phone or text at (417)230-1123 or by email at flyboiwife@gmail.com