About His Life

Demosthenes was born in 384 BC .When he was seven he went up to adoption because his father died but he left him a lot of money.When he was adopted his adoption parents took all his money so he sued his parents.He died accomplishing a lot of things in his life.He was born in Athens,his parents name are Demosthenes and Kleoboule.One of sibling were Thrasylochus. He died on 322 AD in Island of Kalaureia he died committing suicide by drinking poison .

What he did!!

  • Became a logographer and influenced a lot of people
  • served as a trienarch
  • He made speeches about the king and what he did

Micro conflicts


  • When demosthenes was 20 he sued his guardians for taking the money his dad left him according to demosthenes (google doc)
  • He had a speech impediment and did a lot of things to face over it.(google doc)
  • His parents died and that is what lead him to be a orphane.

Marco conflicts

  • Demosthenes became a logographer and infulence a lot of people.(google doc)
  • served as a trierarch officer who commanded a trireme, or a ship.(google doc)
  • He made speeches against the king after he did the things he did.(google doc)

Animals/results against conflicts

His animal is a owl because he liked to talk things over instead of just facing it and running from it.An example of facing it is when his adoption parents took all his money he did not just sit their when he got older he suied them for all the money they took from him.
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