Dodge and Run

Dodge and run is a very easy and fun game to play. This game involves multitasking and concentration. It is a great way to get exercise and also an amazing game for gym class. Dodge and run is a great choice for all junior and intermediate classes.

Things you will need

-6 Pylons

-15 Dodgeballs, add more depending on the amount of runners (more runners = more dodgeballs)


-rope (optional)

Set up

Object of the game

For people who are "it":

You job is very simple, all that you have to do is hit all of the runners with the dodgeballs.

For people who are runners:

You have to run around touching all of the pylons, without getting hit by any dodgeballs.


-The five people that are “it” have to stay in the center circle the whole game

-Each person that is “it” can only throw 3 dodge balls each

-If a runner is hit in the head, it doesn’t count

-If a runner is hit by a dodge ball, they are out

-When a runner is out, they can no longer play and have to sit out for the rest of the game

-The game is over when all of the dodge balls are thrown

How to play

1: First of all of the people that are “it” stand in the center circle and all of the runners start at any pylon they choose (not every runner has to start at the same pylon).

2: Secondly, the game starts on the count of three.

3: Next, the dodgeballs can now start to be thrown and the runners can now start running.

4: The runners try and touch all of the pylons without being hit.

5: Finally, the game is over when all of the dodgeballs have been thrown, or the runners have touched all of the pylons individually, or all of the runners have been hit.

Safety concerns

-You can get hit in the head with a ball so do not play if you have had a concussion

-Do not play if you have asthma because you are running around a lot

-Have proper footwear on as you may fall if you don’t
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Game variations

-bench ball

-backboard dodgeball

-doctor dodgeball

-fort dodgeball

-four corner



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In conclusion I hope that you have a great time playing this easy but fun game.