English Civil War

By Emma McGath and Haven Dogenhart

Where and why did the English Civil War happened?

  • Kingdom of England
  • 1642-1651
  • King Charles believed he ruled with the divine right of kings
  • His believed his decisions couldn't not be challenged
  • The Parliament should have more say in how the Kingdom was governed
  • Arguments between the church and religion were tied up
  • Parliament won the first battle
  • Charles I one the second battle
  • then was executed
  • Charles son starts his own army
  • The army was made up of English and Scottish royalist
  • Charles son begins a battle
  • Cromwell wins the battle again
  • ending "The was wars of the Three Kingdoms"

Who was involved? What some effects?

  • King Charles head of the Cavaliers
  • Oliver Cromwell head of the Roundheads

  • Parliament took control
  • King Charles was killed
  • 20 years after the was Charles II returned as King of England
  • In a period known as the Restoration

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