Esmeralda Garcia

February 15,2016

After chapter 3 write about the fight

In chapter 3 there's a fight caused by curly. Curly things that he's everything and that nobody can beat him. The innocent Lennie was smiling because of the land of his dream when all of the sudden Curly comes up to him and starts telling him things. Lennie stands up and Curly gets his position ready to fight. When all of a sudden he hits Lennie and again and again. Lennie bleeding out of his nose asks George for help but he tells him to fight Curly. When Lennie puts his big hands of over his bleeding face Curly gets him in the stomach. Finally the innocent Lennie stand up for himself and grabs Curly's hand crashing it with so much anger. George begged Lennie to led to off Curly's hand but he refused, finally he let's curly go. Curly falling to the floor the guys help him. Lennie crying stated that he didnt ment any harm while slim and George tell him that he didn't do anything wrong. That curly was looking up to fight. The boys tell curly to not say a word if not they will tell the truth and curly would be the laugh of everybody.