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Karin King

I must admit, I first tried Rodan + Fields on a whim. A friend of a friend, Alissa Dunn, posted the R+F Micro-Dermabrasion paste on Facebook and the comments captured my attention. People were raving about this product, so I decided to give it a try. The reviews weren't wrong! After one try my skin felt as amazing as my 6 year old daughter's. Of course I wanted to try other products, but to be honest I really wasn't too interested in the business. I was trying to avoid adding more stress to my already chaotic life! I am a single Mom to one kid and three dogs. I have a full time job in marketing (that involves frequent travel), teach a Spin class three times a week and always seem to be running somewhere. Can anyone relate? Still the business proposal intrigued me.

The one thing that I have learned being involved in the fitness business is that enthusiasm is contagious! When people ask me when I find the time to work out, or how do I stay in shape I tell them the truth... I found something I LOVE to do! Rodan + Fields is the skin care equivalent! The products are amazing (my years of sun worship are already starting to fade!) and when I learned that in a few part time hours a week I could earn enough money to pay my daughter's private school education by sharing the R+F story, I was all in!

I was scared and nervous and had NO IDEA what on earth would happen but from day one, I believed in the potential of this amazing business model and it has not disappointed! I understood quickly that this business isn't just a cute side-gig that's going to pay for my shoe obsession (though it certainly can and does!). This is a 3-5 year plan. It's a 2-8 hours per week, in my PJs after my kiddo is in bed plan, or while I am stuck on a airplane or in a hotel. It's a plan to partner with the two most successful dermatologists in the world, thrive alongside them while we become the #1 selling premium skin care line in the world (we're currently #4), and have the FREEDOM to decide. To decide how to use my decide if I want to work full time or part time or not at all. And most importantly, take control of my finances!

Sounds great right?!

The Brand

Rodan + Fields® was created by the Doctors who created Proactiv®. They are now doing for aging skin what they did for acne. Rodan + Fields was first launched into high-end retail stores in 2002, where it was a top selling clinical skincare brand in stores like Nordstrom. In an unprecedented move, Rodan + Fields chose to become the first prestige skincare line to exit the department store for the world of direct selling. Since 2009, when the company officially launched into direct sales, Rodan + Fields has been recognized by the Direct Selling Association for 4 Ethos Awards in the Salesforce Development, Technology Innovation, and Vision for Tomorrow categories. Now, our sights are set on redefining social commerce. You can read the doctor’s philosophy and reasoning behind their brand here:

The Doctor’s Brand Philosophy and Story

Rodan + Fields is at the forefront of clinical skincare, merging effective over-the-counter drugs with cosmetics to provide real and visible results. Committed to bringing dermatology to the home, the brand offers solutions for everyday skin issues targeting them with dedicated regimens designed to take the guesswork out of skincare.

Why Should I Be Interested?

1) Our Award-Winning Products: Rodan + Fields products have received more unpaid media coverage (readers and editors choice awards) than any skincare company, and all of the direct selling companies combined! We also have a 60 day money back guarantee for all of our customers which goes to show how confident we are that our products actually work. See more details on our amazing products here! As many of you have seen via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, the Social Media world has been buzzing with the news of the latest addition to our arsenal of age-fighting skincare! Unveiled at our 2014 Convention, meet our new #wrinklewarrior product, Redefine Acute Care™!

2) The Business Opportunity: Rodan + Fields has received numerous awards. In 2013, the American Business Awards selected Rodan + Fields as a finalist for Consumer Product Company of the Year. Ernst & Young selected Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields as finalists for Entrepreneurs of the Year, Northern California. And FORBES Magazine named us the best Direct Sales opportunity of 2013, stating it a brilliant business model.

3) Timing: We have barely scratched the surface domestically and started our global launch with Canada in February 2015. Asia and Europe will be next! The number of US companies that have grown from $0 to $200 million in 5 years is microscopic, and we are on track to be a $1 billion company. The potential here with our growth and expansion is truly unbelievable. Starting your business now and seeing where you can go in 3-5 years is AMAZING!

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What Would I Do?

Rodan + Fields consultants act as “brand ambassadors”, doing two things. We promote an award winning product and a life changing business venture. From the product side, we are not a “party plan”, and we do not stock inventory. You sell product by sharing your results and experience. Who doesn’t love a referral these days? The great thing about promoting consumable products is the ability to earn residual income. The products will eventually run out and when they do, your customers will come back and order from you! So you are potentially earning commission on each customer over and over again.

How Do I Get Paid?

With Rodan + Fields, we get paid 3 ways:

• You get paid retail profit and commission on all products purchased off your personal website.
• Cash bonuses.
• If you choose to grow a team, you are paid 5% commission on their sales. The SKY is the limit on the income potential this can create for you!

You can review our comprehensive compensation plan HERE.

Not only are we compensated, but we have incredible recognition, trips, and bonus programs. Our Fast Start iPad program gives you the potential to earn an HD iPad your first full month in the business. We also have a car program with a free Lexus of choice as well as luxury trips to places like Napa Valley, Hawaii, and Paris.

Love It...How Do I Get Started?

We have a few great Getting Started Options, the top two will set you up for the most success and provide you with the biggest discount. Our team will equip you to earn your investment back as soon as possible. It is not uncommon to earn back your investment within your first 1-2 months in the business. I personally invested at the highest level ($995) and earned my entire initial investment back in my first full month of business. I know how to do this and will train you to do the same!!

AND........just announced.....a NEW Fast Start Program where you can get your ENTIRE initial investment back in the form of a bonus for hitting a promotion by the end of your second month. Ask me for more details...but this is AMAZING!

Rodan + Fields also offers a generous, 60 day money back guarantee, which makes the business venture risk-free!

Every business has monthly expenses. Rodan + Fields’ monthly overhead consists of 2 important things for running your business (both of which are tax deductible!):

1.) Three customized, turn key websites utilizing state of the art technology that you receive within minutes of enrolling as a consultant. (Only $25/ month)

2.) Personal product to use on yourself, as gifts for referrals, or your best Preferred Customers. (Minimum $80/ month)

Still Not Sold??

Hear more from our leaders Elizabeth & Taylor Guess - they achieved the Million Dollar Circle ($1M in EARNINGS) in less than 3 years. This is a replay, so you can listen at your leisure:
Elizabeth and Taylor Guess: (805) 399-1099 Access Code: 716446#

And I'll leave you with this quote from one of my favorites, Jen Hatmaker:

"I just love when women chase down a new dream right in the middle of living their lives. It feels so courageous and gutsy. Sometimes a "not yet" turns into "never" if it sits around waiting too long. Rarely is "right now" easy or convenient, but sometimes you just decide to put your head down and GO FOR IT. You got a dream simmering? Are you waiting around for "someday"? Maybe that someday should be now. Women are capable of so much. I bet you would surprise yourself.

There is no guarantee that Consultants participating in the Rodan + Fields program will generate any income. As with any business, each Consultant's business results may vary. Earnings depend on a number of factors, including the area in which you live, individual effort, business experience, diligence and leadership. For statistics based on actual Consultant earnings, please see the Rodan + Fields Income Disclosure Statement.

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