2016 Spring book fair a success!


What a fun and amazing book fair we had this season! The halls were filled with groovy kids, groovy teachers, groovy doors, and of course, groovy books! It was a week of fun, laughter, excitement, games, challenges, and more. It was a week where new friendships were made with new volunteers, and old friendships were rekindled.

The fair was a total success. We sold over $12500 dollars worth of books and merchandise, and students, parents, and grandparents donated just about $2000 for the All For Books program. Mrs. Bishop's fifth grade class donated the most money. At the end of the fair, 5A came in and picked out $394 worth of books for the 5th grade classroom. Mrs. Leferink's class came in second place with just over $340 dollars in donations. Five A will celebrate their success with a GROOVY PARTY and Four A will enjoy a pizza lunch on the library.

A BIG THANK YOU must go out to Mrs. Shirley Nelson, grandmother to Claire and Jackson Brady and Issac Weston. Shirley is my right hand helper during book fair, and I mean it when I say, I COULD NOT DO IT WITHOUT HER. Shirley gives of her time, treasure, and talent before, during, and after book fair. Book fair is a success because of this amazing lady.

A big thank you to all of this year's volunteers. For the first time since I have been librarian and started doing book fair, all of our volunteers were set in place before the fair even started.

I must say that I am continually surprised and blessed by the generosity of this community.

So, because of your generosity, the library will be receiving $1250 in cash from Scholastic and close to $5000 in Scholastic products such as several new document cameras for the school, a portable PA system, and more.

Blessings to you all,

Mary Beth Cottingham