National German Week

Celebrating National German Week

Why is learning German important?

Whether it’s landing a great job, traveling to exciting destinations, forging new friendships or learning about cutting edge technology – German is the key! Germany’s central location in Europe and strong economy make it vital in today’s world. The rich history of the German language and culture make it central to understanding the past and shaping the future.

Languages play a role in our national security and economic strength, and in our ability to build mutually beneficial relationships with other cultures. We need multilingual representatives who can interact and negotiate with other countries and cultures, and doing so in other languages often can assure that meaning and intent are not lost in translation.

Fun Facts About Germany

  • Germany is the fourth largest economy in the world.
  • There are around 300 varieties of bread in Germany.
  • Germans answer the phone with their surname instead of Hello.
  • Gummy Bears were invented by the German Hans Riegel.
  • The German Johannes Gutenberg developed a technique to print with movable type around 1450.
  • 70 precent of german highways have no speed limit.
  • There are more soccer fan clubs in Germany than in any other country.