American Dream

Money over everything

American dream

The American Dream back then was having a house with a white picket fence, money, and a whole lot of money. A loyal wife that will do anything for papi. Enjoying everything in life doing what you've never done before. My american dream is having stacks on stacks on stacks of papers,./like when i flush my toilet i want melted gold coming out instead of water.
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The Great Gatsby

It's about a guy named james gatsby that went to war and after he returns james is searching for his true love daisy but daisy is married to my homeboy tom. Tom is kinda loco because Gatsby is pulling his girl.
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The Crucible

A group of girls got caught dancing in the forest by rev parris. Dancing in the forest is forbidden because the villagers thinks its a way to contact with the devil. The group of girls was taken to court and started blaming people in the village of witch craft. The leader of the girls is abigail williams.
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The Scarlet Letter

Scarlet letter is about a woman named Hester who wears a big ass A on her chest because she committed a serious crime called adultery. She did it with dimmesdale but he doesn't want to confess because if he did hester would die. Hester's real husband came and is looking for the one that had an affair with hester but he couldn't say that they're married because someone is going to die.
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Young Goodman Brown

Young goodman Brown is about a guy who traveled into the woods and comes back. At the time the woods is know for being the "Devil's lair or nest".
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Raisin in the sun

The story is about a guy named walter who is still dependent from his mom and he wanted to use the $10k money they collected from their deceased father's insurance. As the story goes on problems were created because of walter he's dumb