Ben Franklin

By: Nathan Hagstrom

Ben Franklin

The first subheading will be about Ben's life and some highlights in it. The second subheading is about the jobs he had (he had tons!) The final subheading will be about The Revolutionary War and how he took part in it. Those subjects are what I am going to be writing about in this.

His life

You know his life was exciting here are some highlights from it. Ben was born on Milk Street in Boston on January 17th 1706. At the age of six, Ben moved to a much bigger house on Hanover Street. Ben was a Baptist the same day he was born he was carried through a harsh winter storm to be Baptized. Ben got married on September 1st 1730. He died on April 17th 1790 at the age of 84.


Ben had tons of jobs all from music to electricity! One of his first jobs was printer while he was a printer he came out with an Almanac called Poor Richard's Almanac. He was also a scientist who dealt with electricity. He also invented bifocals and a musical instrument. Those were his many many jobs.

Ben's parents and him

The War

Ben was one of the biggest supporters for the Patriots. Ben and his son William, were against each other Ben was of course a Patriot but William was a loyalist to the king. Sadly, William attacked Patriots. The Pennsylvania Assembly once sent him to London to deal with the king. There was a rumor that Ben agreed with the Stamp Act Ben was questioned about this rumor. When people found out about this rumor, they started to riot in front of Ben's Phildalphia home. But since he was part Continental Congress why would he agree with his enemy? Those are some things that happened to Ben in he war.


Those were the subheadings about him. You now know more about his life. You now know more about his jobs. You now know more about what he did in The Revolutionary War. That was all I have about Ben Franklin hope you enjoyed!


Baptist- A member or adherent of an evangelical Protestantant denomination marked by congressional polity and baptism by immersion of believers only.

Almanac- A book published every year that contains detailed information on a special subject.

Continental Congress- The assembly of delgates from the North American rebel colonies held during and after the War of American Independence. It issued the Declaration of Independence and framed the Articles of Confederation.


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