First Aid Basics

for children

use disposable gloves and other personal protective equipment whenever giving care

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Checking an Injured or Ill Child or Infant

Step One: check for responsiveness

Step Two: call 911

Step Three: open the airway

Step Four: check for breathing

Step Five: give 2 rescue breaths

Step Six: quickly scan for severe bleeding

Provide care accordingly

If the Child or Infant Had Collapsed, Skip Rescue Breaths and Start CPR

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Controlling External Bleeding

Step One: cover the wound

Step Two: apply direct pressure until bleeding stops

Step Three: cover the dressing with bandage

Step Four: apply more pressure and call 911

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Step One: remove from source of burn

Step Two: cool the burn

Step Three: cover loosely with sterile dressing

Step Four: call 911

Step Five: care for shock