Checkout Procedures - Note Required


Students being checked out from the front office require:

  1. Signed note presented to the front office in the morning by the student
  2. Student to come to the front office at the time stated in the note, on their own accord (without being called from the classroom), and preferably between class periods
  3. Checkout prior to 3:30 pm - No checkouts permitted after 3:30 pm

Safeguard Instruction

  • Following the proper procedure for early checkout means instruction time is safeguarded. Call-ins to the classroom place a hardship on our front office staff and an encumbrance on the teacher.

  • During testing, it will not be possible to make calls to the classroom or check students out while testing is in progress.

  • If you are checking your child out at the end of the day, please schedule your child's pick up to coincide with the end of 7th period.

  • Please reference the Bell Schedule here. The Bell Schedule is posted on our website, and we ask that you use it as a guide for scheduling your pick up.