Preschool Press

November 26-December 6, 2012

Preschool is Out of This World

We hope everyone enjoyed time with family and friends over our Thanksgiving break! We're excited to be back!
During the next two weeks we will be discussing space and taking a trip to the moon. We will read the books Zoom, Zoom I'm Off to the Moon by Dan Yaccarino and Mooncake by Frank Asch. We will talk about the night sky, stars, planets and how stars when connected can make a picture-constellations. The children will also pretend to be astronauts; we will have a large cardboard rocket in our room for them to play in and decorate. We'll talk about what you would need to go to the moon, how you would get there and what you would see when you arrive. We will also work on a variety of developmental skills while we explore this topic. Attached to this e-mail you will find handouts and activities to reinforce our bi-weekly skills. Have a great two weeks!


Just a Few Reminders...

*Harrison Parkway PTO will host their annual Pancake Breakfast, Used Book Sale and Scholastic Book Fair on Saturday, 12/1 from 8:00-10:30 AM. We hope to see you there!
*We will have our annual class holiday party and book exchange on Thursday, 12/20. Look for more information to come soon!
*Winter Break- There is no school Friday, 12/21-Monday, 1/7. We will see you back to school on Tuesday, 1/8.

Home Activities

*Our letters are M and N. Please send in pictures from magazines, newspapers, etc of items that start with these letters. Point out the letters M and N while you read to your child. Emphasize the sounds the letters make and find objects that have the same sound.
*Our number is 6. Count different objects to 6. Encourage your child to find 6 of something and bring them to you. Have your child find the letter 6 when you are cooking using a recipe or when reading. This will encourage them to label the number.
*As a family pretend to blast off to the moon. Walk around your house like you are on the moon. What did you find there? When you are ready for a break make a snack and name it something silly like "Moon Munchies." Have fun on your trip to the moon.
*Hide different rock-sized objects around the room or your home. Have your child search for "moon" rocks. Count how many they found, write the amount down with them and have them tell you where they found some of the rocks.


*NASA Kids'Club. There are videos and games. Elmo talks about space, too.
*Indianapolis Children's Museum. They have they Space Quest Planetarium. The show One World, One Sky: Big Bird’s Adventure is great!
*Ziggity Zoom and Knee Bouncers. These are other websites I have read about that offer games, crafts and printables. I have not explored these at length so let me know what you think.