Hour of Code


THE HOUR OF CODE has ended...for now!

The MHS Hour of Code has ended for 2020! Look for future activities and another great program in 2021!

Watch our Hour of Code Kickoff Video below!

We have over 60 people from the MHS Community participating in our contest! Have fun and share your questions or successes here!

Check out this article from MHS Communications about our Hour of Code!

And the winners are...

Grand Prize Winner - $100 Gift Card

Donovan Brown - 28 points

Second Tier Winners - $30 Gift Card

Riley Collins - 22

Chris Bejarano – 20

Chris Koehler – 16

Third Tier Winners - $15 gift card

Tijesuni Ademuwagun – 14

Melanie Bartholomew – 9

Colin Flaherty – 4

Hour of Code Kickoff

Joining up with people from around the world to experience coding!

A worldwide movement!

From December 7th - 13th, people all around the world will try something new...they will learn something about coding.

In just one hour, you can learn some basics about Java, HTML, Scratch and more. There are games to play and lessons to watch. You'll do this independently and report back to school to tell us what you did and how you felt about it.

What Most Schools Don't Teach

Hour of Code at Milton Hershey School

Click here to access the Hour of Code Event website. We will be highlighting specific activities in the near future...keep an eye on your email and this website.


Some helpful tools and info about coding:

Apple's Educator's Guide on Teaching Code

Apple's Quick Start to Code Guide

MHS Hour of Code Activities

Check out the activities below. Each activity will earn you points, but you will need to keep track.

The harder and longer activities are worth more points.

1. Do your first activity and take a screenshot of the last page (click on the Apple menu before taking the screenshot) to prove that you finished it...fill out the Hour of Code Points Tracker.

*To keep track of your points, please take sceenshots as proof. You will need a screenshot of the final page of your activity along with a file dropdown that includes your name. See the example below.

Each time you complete an activity, go back into the Google form and upload the screenshot.

We will send out a reminder email near the end of the week in case you forgot to upload your images.

Hour of Code Points Tracker - To Qualify for Prizes