Stop Dying. Start Living. Restart your life.

Science is the Future!

The American government of the whole Island of the western hemisphere has finally crafted the key to eternal life. In many cities, counties, and establishments of our country, we at Brain-Corp. have installed the many pristine buildings that can extend your life. With only a seven year regeneration process, you can come out of your safe containment Brain-Pod™ with a new body, a new life, a new start. You will retain all of your memories and continue on as if nothing had ever happened.

If you lived for longer than fifty years, you are eligible for this product, and all of the wonderful things it introduces to your life. All you have to do is go down to your nearest Brain-Station™ building, fill out a big packet of synthetic paperwork, and you've got yourself secured for regeneration at our many buildings of science. You can't take back your decision, because who would want to, unless if you have lived long enough for your contract with us to be renewed. Any and all physical changes to your new body are completely experimental, I mean, complimentary to your dedication and time with us.