Mrs. Brown's Class Information

3rd Grade


Unit 3 - Inventions and Innovations

This week, we will read texts about biomimicry (ideas inspired by nature). Our skill focus will be to gain information from photographs, identify point of view and compare and contrast two texts.

Next Week - Students will be researching an invention. They will complete the writing process (draft, revise, edit, publish). Using the research information, students will complete a presentation to share information about how inventions have changed over time. This project will be completed in class.

Word Study (Spelling)

Week of 4/4 - Compound Words (TEST THURSDAY)

Week of 4/11 - Inflectional Endings (ed, ing, s)

Week of 4/18 - Closed Syllable (VC/CV)


Week of 4/4 - Daily Comprehension

Week of 4/11 - Reading Response Log

Week of 4/18 - Daily Comprehension

Reminder - Homework is due Friday. If your child is absent, they need to show me their homework when they return to school.



Unit 2 - Healthy Habits

  • Body Image - Students will come up with a slogan that makes them feel good about themselves.
  • Goal Setting - Students will create a healthy eating goal.

3 Hour Early Dismissal

Friday, April 8th, 1pm

3400 Hillendale Road

Phoenix, MD