California Trail

November 13, 1851

The California Trail

Would you like to join my wagon train and travel the California Trail? Would you like to have gold and become rich because of it? Or if you don't want gold do you want farmland? If you said yes to any of these questions then you should travel the California Trail!

The Travel

The California Trail is 2,000 miles long. We would meet in Independence, Missouri and we would end in the Central Valley of California. It takes about four to 6 months. It is longer but it is quite worth it.
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You should bring a whole boatload of money because things get pricy the further you get. You should probably bring teams of oxen, 150 pounds of food per person, tobacco, cooking gear, extra shoes, two sets of clothes, 25 pounds of soap, washboard and wash tub, tent, a canvas or rubber groundcloth with blankets for sleeping, tools, guns and ammunition.

Trail Life

Only bring things that you need. Otherwise I reckon I'll make you leave it on the side of the road. Forts, trading posts, and all that will usually provide supplies, fresh animal teams, repairs, spare parts, and news of trail conditions. I reckon you would rather walk then ride in the wagon so bring a good pair of shoes.
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Dangers of the trail

About 5% of the people died on the trail. Thunderstorms and strong winds ain't uncommon. Other dangers are crossing rivers, diesease, loss of food, and buffalo stampedes!

The Decsision

I hope you decide to go on the California Trail with me. You'll get gold, farmland, and happiness. Only 2,000 miles to your dream.

Sloan Boursheski