The Powerful & All knowing Clotho

By:Shaenicia Taylor

Personal Info

  1. Personal info

  • lacheis & Atropos are her sisters
  • Zeus & Themis are her parents

What was Clotho in charge of

  • Spinning the thread of human life
  • Decided when a person would be born
  • Decided when gods or Humans were saved or put to death


  • Eileithyia
  • Thanatos
  • The Erinyes (the Furies)


Did not have any


Death not known


  1. Clotho assisted Hermes in creating the alphabet
  2. Persuaded Zeus to kill Aesculapius with a bolt of lightning
  3. When Pelops was killed by his father, Clotho who brought him back to life.

The Fates by Bertel Thorvaldsen(1864)