Structure&Function: Pure Substances


Question 1: What makes the phospholipid a Polar Covalent Molecule?

Circle all that apply:

I. The Polar head of the molecule bonded to the Non-Polar tail

II. The presence of Oxygen (electronegativities)

III. The CH3 molecule on its own

IV. Lack of a permanent dipole moment

V. Even distribution of electron density

(A) I only

(B) I and II

(C) I, II, III

(D) III, IV, V

(E) I, II, III, IV, V

Question 2: What are characteristics of a phospholipid?

I. The NonPolar tail creates an oil in the sense that they create layers

II. Postively-charged fatty acids

III. The charged heads were attracted to the water

IV. The Negatively-charged fatty acids align Parallel to surface

V. The Acid Heads disorder water molecules by Ionic Bonding

(A) I, II, and V

(B) IV only

(C) IV and V

(D) I and III

(E) II only