PQP Technology Moment

FLIPBOARD!!! Presented by Sonu Baraya

What is Flipboard?

Flipboard is a service that works by dragging in content from a huge variety of websites and sorting it into hundreds of categories. You choose your categories and the app bring you stories, learning over time from which ones you tend to read or ignore, and which you like or dislike after reading.

What else?

Plus, by connecting your social networks, the app can see what kind of links are being shared among your contacts and bring you more of that. Flipboard lets you add anything you find, so the real fun comes in creating something more personal. Like articles on educational technology? Create the Ed Tech magazine. Search and fill it with Ed Tech articles. Share it around and become the go-to Flipboard user for Ed Tech!

What's this 'Magazine' business and how will it help me as an Administrator?

Magazines can be as public or as private as you want them to be, so it’s just as useful to create a magazine of articles you want kept in one place for a staff meeting or an upcoming early release professional development with your staff. You can also create a ‘Read Later’ magazine and fill it with stories throughout the day for a more leisurely catch-up in the evening.

Flipboard 101: The Basics

More to come on Saturday, April 26!

A bit of learning initially but hopefully Flipboard will assist you in organizing everything EDUCATION!

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