North Carolina

By: Mollie Walters

Absolute Location:

The latitude is 35.5 degrees North. The longitude is 80.0 degrees West
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Relative Location:

North Carolina's bordering cities are, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia. The Atlantic Ocean also borders NC.
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Physical Characteristics of The Place:

North Carolina consists of mountains, islands, and on one side the Atlantic Ocean. The the climate is humid temperate. The temperature usually never gets above 100 degrees, and usually never lower than 10 degrees. Some main animals are, black bears, foxes, skunks, and raccoons.
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Human Characteristics of The Place:

The population is 9.9 million as of 2013. Most people have relatives from Scottland, Ireland, and Germany.

Human Environment Interaction:

People depend on all the trees for air and paper. They adapt to all of the hurricanes, and tornadoes in North Carolina. They modify the shore by the water because of all of the tourists.


Tourists travel to the coast by the North Atlantic Ocean. They import shirts and some other life necessities. North Carolina exports engineer parts, and tobacco.


North Carolina has a total of 100 counties. Out of those Mecklenburg is the biggest county with a population of 944,373. Charlotte is the biggest city with a population of 731,424. The people of North Carolina call themselves North Carolinians.

Fun Facts:

  • state flower: dogwood
  • state tree: pine
  • state bird: cardinal
  • state mammal: gray squirrel
  • state song: "The Old North State"
  • state nickname: The Tar Heel State
Hendersonville, North Carolina - The City of Four Seasons