Weekly News

May 8, 2015

Extra Yearbooks

We have a few extra yearbooks that we would like to sell. We are making the offer to 5th grade students first because it’s your last year at Martin. If you are interested, we are selling them on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE Basis through Monday morning. After announcements, if it’s okay with your teacher, bring $16.00 cash to Miss Oltman’s room (233). Once we run out, we will send an email letting teachers know not to send additional students. Beginning Tuesday, we are going to extend this offer to both 3rd and 4th grade for the remaining books, so bring in your money ASAP!

Important Dates

  • Wednesday, May 13th Book Fair and ART show
  • Thursday, May 21Last Book Swap
  • Friday, May 29, DARE Graduation
  • Thursday, June 4, Last Day of School

There will be a note coming home about some other dates that will be for students.

Reading This Week

  • Main Selection: Science Fiction Novel Excerpt from Journey to the Center of the Earth
  • Paired Selection: Drama
  • Comprehension Skills: Summarizing and Cause and Effect
  • Conventions: Comparative and Superlative Words

Spelling for May 15, 2015

  1. telephone
  2. graphic
  3. thermometer
  4. photographer
  5. centimeter
  6. paragraph
  7. telescope
  8. diameter
  9. photocopy
  10. speedometer
  11. telegraph
  12. millimeter
  13. autograph
  14. television
  15. barometer
  16. telecommute
  17. pedometer
  18. phonograph
  19. kilometer
  20. telephoto
  21. telecommunication
  22. autobiography
  23. calligraphy
  24. odometer
  25. photosynthesis

Vocab for May 15, 2015

  1. economic
  2. overrun
  3. vacant
  4. independence
  5. scrawled

Wax Museum

As of right now we will be having a Wax Museum. Dates have not been finalized due to all the end of the year activities we have planned, and trying to coordinate schedules. Please know that your son or daughter will be asked to dress as their famous American. With that being said I do not want you to spend a ton of cash on a costume. For instance, I have a Native American costume two of my girls can use as they give their report. I've even seen parents buy a plain white t-shirt, draw stripes and the baseball teams logo on it for the costume. Get creative, not expensive!
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Reading Week

During the week of May 26th-29th we will be having reading week.

Our theme ties in with the Summer Ice Book Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library

  • 26th-Tuesday is crazy hat day
  • 27th-Wednesday Dress like a book character
  • 28th-Thursday is Dress "incognito"
  • 29th-Friday is silly sock day