Ms. C's Course Updates

FOR AP Lang & 8th Grade Language Arts

Check Your Grades

I haven't quite finished grading everything from last week's deadline, but please check your grades and make sure nothing looks amiss with what has been graded. Also, please know that you can submit work as you complete it rather than waiting until the Friday deadline to turn everything in at once. This will help me stay current in grading and you improve based on quick feedback from me!

Important News Announcements

Several times a week I post a new announcement on your course homepage. These announcements contain important information about upcoming sessions, tips for completing upcoming assignments, additional resources for concepts with which students typically struggle, extra learning points opportunities, and more! If you're not reading these announcements, it's like you're sleeping through class. Consider this a virtual rap on your desk with a ruler to wake you up!

Second Opportunity - Earn Back Points!

Below are the instructions for earning back points on one assignment of your choosing. This assignment is also linked to this email and to a news announcement on our course homepage. Please read them carefully and let me know if you have any questions!
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Fall Break! Not Quite...

Just a reminder as we head into the first stirrings of Fall. Because our students live all over the state and school systems follow different schedules, GaVS does not take a Fall Break. If your school does take a Fall Break, you have two options: 1) keep working on GaVS while taking time off from your f2f classes, or 2) work ahead to have all GaVS assignments completed in advance so you can relax 100%. And although it's not a requirement, it would also be great for you to let me know you'll be away from your computer.

Use Your GaVS Email & Earn Extra Points

Please check your GaVS email daily. In fact, if you're reading this newsletter through your GaVS email, please send me an email in response for extra points. It has to be from your GaVS email!

This will let me know who is receiving and reading the newsletters!

Ms. Crace Is a Real Person!

It's come to my attention that some students don't think they can contact me. I know it may be strange that I'm not right there in the room with you for you to ask me questions about an assignment or get help with a difficult concept. That does't mean I don't want to help! Call, email, text...whatever works best. But don't feel as if you have to struggle on your own without reaching out!

Upcoming Synchronous Sessions

Don't miss the upcoming synchronous sessions:

AP Lang:

  • Monday, Sept. 22 - 8 pm - Rhetorical Analysis Essay
  • Monday, Sept. 29 - 8 pm - Tone

  • Tuesday, Sept. 23 - 8 pm - Commonly Misunderstood Literary Terms
  • Tuesday, Sept. 30 - 8 pm - Poetry Terms

Take advantage of the opportunity to extend your learning and earn ELO points!

Link for sessions:

EdReady - AP Lang Only

AP Lang students, you may have noticed a widget on our course homepage right under the class bulletin board. This is a program GaVS is piloting that offers plenty of resources for students to prepare for college. What you might find especially helpful are the SAT prep materials. GaVS has purchased a subscription for all students in AP courses, so take advantage of resources you would otherwise have to pay for.

Follow the instructions in the widget on our course homepage to get started. Let me know if you run into any problems.

Next Due Date

Friday, September 26 is the next bi-weekly deadline for all students for all assignments on the schedule Sept. 15-26.