By:Avry gipple


Do you know how to make a football? if you don't you would want to read this because I am going to tell you where it comes from and how it is made and fun facts about footballs.

this is were a football comes from

some footballs are made out of cowhide or somtimes pig bladder.

this is how a football is made

a worker haves a cookie cutter shaped like a football. a stamp machine. they stamps the stripes and brand. they have a lace machine and it does the laces and a sewing machine to put the parts together and put something shaped like a football and fill it with more air and has to be 21 in a half inches in the middle and 28 inches around and they go to the NFL or to the store to buy.

these are some fun facts about footballs

footballs use to be round it was harder to throw so they changed the shape and it was like a watermelon.


I hope you liked my writing about footballs. next time you are throwing a football around remember how it is made I picked a football because I like to play football with my friends and family.
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