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March 27th, 2020

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Extended Online Learning Opportunities (EOLO)

FHS Teachers will be updating EOLO for their students by Monday each week. I have provided a link to teachers' office hours for next week, they will also be posted on Blackboard. We have a link for parents and students for device and instructional support assistance: https://form.jotform.com/200764237743052.

We are offering Extended Online Learning Opportunities. Teachers are creating content that will align to current Competencies. Everything that is assigned has a purpose. Do not worry about grades now, teachers will provide feedback in regards to your learning. We are approaching the EOLO as the student work will count towards grades, credits and graduation.

EOLO FHS Teacher's Office Hours

Please see the link below for FHS teacher's office hours. Teachers will also be posting their office hours to their Blackboard pages. Please have your students check their Blackboard and Fraser email accounts.

Macomb Family Services Adolescent Outreach Program

Fraser Families,

Raising a teenager can be stressful and exhausting. During a pandemic, and under our current circumstances, being a parent can be even more difficult. You are not only contending with your own thoughts, emotions, etc., but also the reality of the situation. Reaching out for help is never a bad idea.

If you think your child is experiencing emotional struggles, and are interested in getting some free help, please see the attached flyer.

Feel free to call the number on the flyer if you have questions about the program.

Dear Fraser Students,

Being a teenager can be tough. During a pandemic, when things are changing daily, it is tougher. There are changes taking place in your body and brain that can affect how you learn, think, and behave. If you are facing tough or stressful situations, it is normal to have emotional ups and downs.

If you have been overwhelmingly sad, nervous, scared, worried or experiencing new feelings which are causing you not to be able to concentrate or do the things you usually enjoy, you may want to talk to a trusted adult.

To speak confidentially with a licensed community therapist, please contact Jennifer Stone MA, LPC, NCC at Macomb Family Services. Jennifer is the therapist currently working with Fraser Schools, and can be reached at 586-226-3440 ext. 329. Let her know that you are a Fraser student, and she will be able to offer you six confidential sessions free of charge.

If you are 14 years old or over, parental permission is not needed. Your sessions will be offered via video chat or telephone.

AP Testing Update

Greetings ,

We understand the Coronavirus has caused significant adjustments to everyday life, including education. We know all the changes and the unknown are causing stress, confusion, frustration, and sometimes even anger.

Here is a quick update regarding the College Board’s plan regarding the 2020 AP Exam Administration. There are many details to come so we strongly recommend that students do not take any action until they have all the details to make an educated decision regarding the AP Exams.

On Friday, the College Board posted this preliminary update https://apcentral.collegeboard.org/about-ap/news-changes/coronavirus-update.

Here are the highlights regarding the plan for the 2020 AP Exam Administration:

  • There will NOT be any face-to-face AP exams this year
  • Students will take AP exams at home
  • Exams will be 45 minutes
  • Exams will NOT contain multiple-choice questions
  • Exams will be administered online
  • Students will be able to take the exam on one of two separate dates to be announced by the College Board April 3, 2020
  • Exams will be assessing a reduced scope of content, content that would “typically” have been covered before March
  • Students will have the option of canceling their exam(s), and CB will waive the $40.00/exam late fee they would have charged the school

College Board will be providing additional online resources, see https://apstudents.collegeboard.org/coronavirus-updates#free-ap-classes.

Once additional details are provided by the College Board, we will contact you regarding how you will indicate whether you wish to take your exam on the first date, the second date, or if you wish to cancel. Thank you for your patience and for waiting for further instructions that will be forthcoming in April on how to proceed.

Fraser High School
Stacy Kalpin

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