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Distance Learning – A New Mode Of Learning

With the passage of time, new inventions and discoveries are made in almost every field. Field of education is not left behind. A lot of new changes and modification have been introduced in this field from time to time. New ones are replacing old methods. Online courses are new in this field that offers instruction from teachers, interaction with other students and forum of feedback. These courses offer a wide variety of advantages ranging from developing of permanent professional contact, great deal of teacher support and huge exposure and experience of multimedia education. As the technology has developed, many improvements have taken place in computers, digital and in the internet. However, there are certain programs that require huge amount of reading and written assignments like management courses such as MBA from Sikkim Manipal University, human resource management and services, accounting and finance. Now there are various different types of distance learning methods. Some are them are listed below:

Synchronous and asynchronous distance learning

Synchronous distance learning implies to at the same time. On the contrary, asynchronous means not at the same time. In synchronous distance learning, there is live communication sitting in a classroom, teleconferencing and chatting online. It is bit less flexible and interrupt life of student largely. Despite this, it is considered the most popular form of distance learning as it greatly facilitates a great deal of interaction between the students and the teachers. On the other hand, asynchronous distance learning generally involves a set of deadlines, at the same time allows the students to work at their own speed. This mode of learning allows more interaction with their peers and helps in delivering correspondence through various online bulletin boards. In fact, it does involve video or audio supplements.

Fixed time online courses

These are one of the most common types of distance learning. These kinds of courses are firmly online. However, the students have to log in to their respective online learning site at a particular time. Even though it is completely online, mandatory live chats are often required; hence, the format remains synchronous.

Hybrid distance learning

It is a combination of both synchronous and asynchronous form of learning as a result a structure is created where the students are required to gather at a particular time either in classroom or in the internet chat room. In fact, the assignments could be completed in their own time and could be passed through an online forum. Many universities often offer this type of learning when there is not sufficient space to assign the load of all the courses. The best example is SMU MBA distance learning.

Open schedule online courses

This form of learning offers the maximum freedom to the students. It is actually asynchronous form of learning where the students are given internet-based textbooks, email, mailing lists, and bulletin boards to complete the coursework.

Computer based distance learning

In computer based distance learning, students are required to assemble in a particular classroom or specific computer lab at a predestined time in every week.

Hence, many different forms of distance learning have been introduced during the last decades. Students have now may choose any form depending upon their needs and the requirements.