ENSC Weekly Notes

August 17, 2015


If you are a Twitter user, you most likely have seen the hashtag #ENSCBecause.... This hashtag campaign is a way for students and staff to tell our story of the great things happening in the district.

Some examples that have been already been tweeted:

#ENSCBecause....teaching NS kindergartners to read is the best!

#ENSCBecause...our community supports our kids.

#ENSCBecause...hearing ENMS voices in stereo in the hall means Digital Citizenship lessons are being taught.

#ENSCBecause...school makes my kids happy!

Mrs. Bodeker is ready for her science students. #ENSCBecause we have awesome teachers!

#ENSCBecause...our maintenance staff is incredible!

#ENSCBecause..Principal_P just walked in on my ENL class doing the chicken dance, and he joined in.

#ENSCBecause the football players left the marching band some popsicles.

Help our community, students, and staff promote who we are by using the hashtag #ENSCBecause...


Welcome back to the 2015-2016 school year! The ENSC Technology Department has been working diligently to make the “technology transition” into this school year as smooth as possible. With 300 new teacher laptops, having to re-enroll 1,400 iPads into our MDM system, and setting up 600 new student devices this summer, it has been a challenging task. There have been some small potholes along the way, but all in all, we feel fairly confident that the majority of devices are in students’ and teachers’ hands and working well. If you find you need additional technology support, we are here to help! If you have urgent needs, feel free to dial “2HELP” from any school phone and someone from the technology staff will help you. For non-urgent needs, go to “support.eastnoble.net” and submit a help ticket and we will get to it as soon as possible.

Want to see someone in person? The below chart shows the building assignments for the ENSC Technology Staff.

We look forward to serving you this year!

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Unsung Hero of the Week

We are proud to recognize Silvia Perera as the ENHS Featured Staff Member of the Week. Silvia is beginning her second year teaching with us, but she’s already having a positive impact in and out of the classroom. Silvia was born and raised in Costa Rica and brings a rich first hand cultural experience for her Spanish students. Not only are kids learning about the language, but they gain insight into the culture. Being able to learn a foreign language from a native speaker is quite an advantage for our students. Not only do her students benefit from Silvia’s background, but our other Spanish teachers collaborate with her to learn new insight about the culture and the language.

Silvia brings a great deal of energy and support for kids. As an avid soccer fan she brings that passion for the sport and serves as assistant girls’ soccer coach. During the winter, Silvia also serves as swim coach. Her love of travel is evident. She actually traveled to Brazil to attend the world cup! Soon she will begin organizing a student language emmersion trip so that her students will be able to experience new cultures, meet new people, and practice their language skills.

Silvia’s background with gifted and talented allows her to create a rigorous rich classroom environment for her students. We are fortunate to have someone with Silvia’s skill set sharing her talents with our team. It’s obvious that she is proud of her heritage and is eager to bring those experiences into the classroom. That’s why Silvia is our choice for the ENHS Featured Staff Member of the Week.

The Cookies Go To????

South Side Elementary and North Side Elementary! Thank you for all you do for our students and communities.

North Side Elementary - 100 percent

South Side Elementary - 100 percent

Avilla Elementary - 98.62 percent

Wayne Center Elementary - 98.26 percent

Rome City Elementary - 98.02 percent

East Noble Middle School - 97.72 percent

East Noble High School - 96.49 percent

Have an excellent week!

This year's start to the school year was very positive! I feel very fortunate that ENSC was able to have all teaching and support staff positions filled for the first day of school. You are the people who create dreams and help students reach those dreams. Thank you for all you do for our students, staff, and communities.

Today is a great day to learn something new! Help our students realize the potential in learning from failure.



6+1 Writing Traits and Writer’s Workshop

Last year we conducted 10 trainings on 6+1 Writing Traits and the Writer’s Workshop. These contained a great deal of information. If you missed any of the trainings or would like a refresher on any item, two modules, 6+1 Writing Traits and Writer’s Workshop, have been built in Knights in Training through Canvas to give you access to the wealth of information that was shared.

As we start off a new year, here is a quick self-assessment to see if you are on track to full implementation.

  • I have a 6+1 Writing Traits board posted using the district adopted symbols.
  • I have begun to introduction or reteach the rationale behind each trait.
  • As I have taught a mini lesson on some aspect of writing I have added this information to my board.
  • I have the Writing Process steps posted or accessible to all students in my classroom (could be on Canvas) using the district adopted symbols.
  • I have a way for my students to identify what step of the writing process they are on so that I can monitor their progress.
  • For our first writing assignment, I have pulled models or anchor papers to show my students what good and poor writing looks like.
  • I have developed a basic rubric that I will use to score student work.
  • I have set the expectation with my students that redo’s are required until a piece is well written.

East Noble High School

The year is off to a great start! Algebra 1 students are settling into the Algebra 1 module program. They are busy learning about equations and inequalities. They are learning to solve equations in multiple ways while understanding the difference between an equation solution and an inequality solution and how to apply their skills to solve real life application problems.

In AP Calculus class, students are exploring limits. They are learned to solve limits numerically, graphically, and analytically. This topic will lead into the first new concept of Calculus which is derivatives. The AP students have the opportunity to earn dual credit through Ivy Tech this school year. It has been a great start to the year!

Student Council has decided that the Homecoming dance on September 19th will be a Sadie-Hawkins dance! The dance will run from 8:00-11:00 pm on Saturday, September 19th. We hope that all students plan to attend this brand new event!

East Noble Middle School

Wow! We have survived our first full week of school, and we have had a great start to the year!! Seventh grade students are doing a great job making the transition from the elementary to the middle school. They have found their classes, conquered the dreaded locker combination, and survived the cafeteria. Our eighth grade students have been sharing stories of their summer activities and seem very confident about this upcoming year.

Football has started, as well as cross country. Coach Starkel is looking for a few more female runners for his team. Girls, come on out and show the boys how to do it. Volleyball call outs were this week and will be starting very soon. Announcements about the many clubs that ENMS offers have been advertised for all the students to check out. Please encourage your child to participate and get involved.

Study tables will start the week of August 17th. These are every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 2:50-3:30. New this year, study tables will be MANDATORY if a student has two or more F’s. Teachers will check grades each Wednesday, and parents will be notified if their student is required to stay after school the following week. Students do have the opportunity to raise their grades by Monday to avoid having to stay after school. First grade check will be Wednesday, August 19.

Also on August 19th, students will be receiving information about this year’s fundraiser.

The 7th grade pre-algebra classes began a Caribbean Cruise project this week. Students will explore the cost of cruising, fuel consumption ,and the cost of different activities on the cruise. They will also find the longitude and latitude of the different islands visited and the rocks and minerals on the islands. The final phase is to write about the whole experience.

Avilla Elementary

What a GREAT start to a new year! Students have been learning procedures, expectations, and goals for this upcoming year. We are all very excited about all the fun and educational learning opportunities we have in store for OUR kids. The 5th grade is eagerly awaiting the annual trip to Camp Potawatomi, and the 6th grade is gearing up for the annual Notre Dame trip. Both of these will be happening in early September. Please be on the lookout for more information.

For the 2015-16 school year, OUR National Elementary Honor Society has decided to focus their efforts into two very worthwhile endeavors. They have selected Pennies for Patients and Honor Flight as their philanthropic focus. Pennies for Patients help boys and girls with lymphoma and Honor Flight sends veterans (at no cost) to Washington D.C. to see their respective memorial. If you have a desire to help with these causes, please contact Mr. Pine or Mr. McNamara. We will begin OUR efforts with the help of the entire Avilla community. We will be having a Hat Day this Friday. Students may wear a school appropriate hat during the school day with a $1.00 donation.

We would like to thank all of OUR classroom assistants for all that they do for OUR kids each and every day. It is wonderful to have the extra teaching hands that we have here at Avilla. We are very blessed to be able to have these hardworking individuals making OUR school better each and every day. They have so many different hats to wear each day it is amazing that they are able to keep things straight, but they do. OUR kids enjoy working with them and learn so many skills from them. Thank you again for being here for OUR kids each day!

North Side Elementary

The first full week of school was a busy one. Teachers were reinforcing expectations and teaching routines as well as diving into academics. Daily 5 was launched in every classroom fully this week and students were working on building stamina in their independent work times as well as learning and practicing new strategies for reading. Many classes improved dramatically from Monday to Friday in their stamina as they began to get set in and comfortable with the new routine. Along with launching academics in all subjects teachers were beginning to assess students to find out what their specific needs are.

Students continued learning expectations for common areas in the building and the common language Wildcats use such as “Red Light” means quiet voices. Ms. Perkins, North Side’s new Dean of Students, made the rounds this week to talk about bus safety and bus expectations. Students are glad to be back in the routine of things and the hallways of North Side are buzzing with excitement for the upcoming year!

Rome City Elementary

This week at Rome City was a fantastic week. Student finally were able to get back into a normal routine. Mrs. Owen’s class created a “Promise” chart of things they promise to do become successful learners. All students were able to get messy and stamp their chart with their hand for their sealed commitment.

Students this week at Rome City learned their assigned college cheer as they talked about life after high school. Students have been discussing careers in the classroom and what colleges they may want to attend after high school.

Rome City students wrapped up their week with a schoolwide assembly. Romans continue to talk about life after highschool and played a baseball trivia game with college and career based questions. Each class was able to stand and chant their assigned college career. Mrs. Green ended the assembly with assigning students a homework assignment over the weekend. Their assignment is to think about what they would like the Principal Challenges to be this year if they meet their academic goals.

South Side Elementary

Students are well into learning after their first full week of instruction at South Side Elementary School. From Kindergarten through Sixth grade, students are building their reading stamina and learning about the Six Traits of Writing. Many grade levels have begun their reading logs and started taking books home. Our preschoolers are immersed in a literacy-rich environment, working on social and academic skills through organized play; and our related arts classes are well-underway as students begin this year’s arts and media education. Students have their devices in hand and tech-integration is already a major part of how students learn reading, writing, and mathematics each day. This week was our first “No Excuses Time”—a part of our No Excuses University plan where all students can earn activity time at the end of the week by making good learning choices all week long.

Did you know that South Side offers over a dozen extra-curricular opportunities for elementary students? Your child can participate in everything from service and academic clubs to sports teams right here at school. In the coming weeks, those sponsors will be having call-outs to build their clubs for 2015-16. Keep an eye out!

Wayne Center Elementary

Last week our Wayne Center Tigers continued to work on procedures, both in and out of the classroom. Teachers continued to practice classroom procedures, hallway procedures, lunchroom procedures, recess procedures, etc… Students are continuing to build stamina in their reading and writing as part of our building-wide literacy emphasis. Our students even took part in training on bus procedures. Each grade level joined Mr. Buhro, our Dean of Students, for a 45 minute presentation over East Noble’s bus rules and expectations Students shared their ideas about what good character should look like on the bus and what they can do to help keep themselves and their peers safe on the school bus. Students also reviewed the proper procedures for bus evacuation drills which we will be conducting early this week as part of our continued efforts to emphasize safety with our students and staff. Wayne Center Tigers strive to continue our improvement efforts in the area of school and bus safety. While on the subject of safety, Wayne Center School would like to give a shout out to our School Resource Officer, Sgt. Johnny Richie, of the Noble County Sheriff’s Department, who took part in advanced training this summer and completed the School Resource Officer and School Safety Specialist Training modules sponsored by the Indiana School Resource Officers Association and the Indiana Association of Chiefs of Police. We appreciate his efforts and dedication to increase the safety of our students and staff by partnering with Wayne Center School.

Alternative Learning Center

This week at the ALC students have already completed classes and started earning credits. Some students had classes started last spring that they completed this year to finish the credit. Others had start classes from the beginning, which takes a little longer.

Mrs. Justus has started meeting with each student to complete their Individual Service Plan (ISP)and set goals for the year. It is an annual requirement for alternative schools to have students set goals for the year and future. The goal setting this year has been focused on College and Career Readiness and what students hope to prepare for during their high school careers. It is a great way to get to know each student better and keep them focused on the ultimate goal of graduation and employment.

This has been a very smooth start to the school year and it's exciting to see where the year takes each student.