ENSC Family Notes

May 18, 2015

East Noble Middle School Presentation

A comprehensive overview of the newest proposed middle school project was provided during the May 13, 2015 School Board Meeting. During the presentation, the location, potential building design, and potential budget and financial costs were provided.

Location: Corner of Drake and Weston next to the Kendallville Fire Department.

Design: (see gallery below) The roof may or may not have a pitched/slanted roof, 6th grade class rooms will be added as a "school in a school" design, 1 1/2 gymnasiums, industrial technology will return, family consumer science will have a dedicated room with sewing machines and kitchens, special needs areas, cafeteria with a full sized stage, and outdoor physical education facilities will be included (football field/track).

Cost: Depending upon design elements, between $37.88 - $39.67 million.

Impact to taxes: With old debt being paid off in 2019, the new debt from the middle school (regardless of price) will be lower than the current debt. The current total annual debt services payment is approximately $5.2 million. The new total debt services payment with the middle school is anticipated to be $3.75 million.

Completion date: If no petition is filed, it is possible that students could move into the building in the middle of the 2017-2018 school year. If the project goes to the voters, possession could occur late summer 2018.

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Community Question and Answer Meeting over ENMS Project

ENSC will be hosting a community Question and Answer meeting Thursday, May 21, in the East Noble High School auditorium beginning at 6:30 p.m.

An overview of the project will be presented (much shorter version of May 13) followed by community questions. When arriving, attendees need to sign up to ask questions or share comments and will be limited to three minutes for comments. Once everyone has had an opportunity to ask their first question, opportunities for additional questions will be provided.

From the Tech Department

Several weeks ago, we began having issues with our corporation Apple iTunes account not communicating properly with our MDM (mobile device manager), which is a program called AirWatch. An MDM is what we use to control our iPad devices for kindergarten through fourth grade students, and it controls such functions as adding and deleting approved apps, enrolling new student iPads, restricting Internet browsing, etc.

Unfortunately, through the process of both companies (AirWatch and Apple) troubleshooting our issue, many of our student iTunes accounts became unusable. The last few weeks have been spent attempting to get both companies to pinpoint the issue and fix their roles in the problem. Last week, we were finally told that they would be able to fix the problems by re-enrolling all of our student iPads into AirWatch.

Again, unfortunately, if we were to do this at this time, it would be a lengthy process that would require a major disruption in class time over the course of the next three weeks. Additionally, because Apple currently cannot verify that all of our current apps have been moved to the new iTunes account they created for us, we cannot be certain that the large number of iPads that are working properly at this time wouldn’t be erased and become unusable for 1,400+ students who are currently unaffected by the problem. Because of this, the ENSC Technology Department has decided to leave the iPads at their current status and wait until after the school year is complete to re-enroll them all into AirWatch.

This affects students in two ways. First, we will be unable to send iPads home on Tuesday nights for the remainder of the year because we cannot currently use AirWatch to remove the ability for students to surf the Internet at home. Second, we cannot prepare iPads for new K-4 students because we are not able to add new student devices into AirWatch at this time.

Students who currently have working iPads in their classrooms will continue to be able to use them without issue in the room through the rest of the year. Additionally, teachers who have new students who have not received iPads in their classrooms have been modifying activities for these students and have found ways for them to use other devices in the classroom to complete activities. Teachers will continue to work with students who currently do not have iPads to make certain they have the same access to an iPad in the classroom as the rest of their students.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. We will continue to work diligently to make certain both companies have repaired the issue immediately after school is out in order to ensure all K-4 students have access to iPads at the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year.

Building Notes - Provided by Building Principals

Alternative Learning Center

It was a quiet week at the ALC. Students are diligently working to finish credits before the end of the year. The students are going earn record breaking credits this year. They should be proud of their accomplishments. Community service is going very well and there are several students helping out in three elementary schools each week until the end of the school year.

The ALC is hosting a graduation open house on June 1st from 10:30-12:30 for all ALC current graduates. This will be the largest ALC graduating class for the past five years.

Avilla Elementary

Wonderful week at Avilla! State Superintendent Ritz visited OUR school on Wednesday! Thank you to Mrs. Pashea, Mrs. Stine, and Mrs. Smith for allowing OUR kids to show Mrs. Ritz all the cool things students do here every day! Mr. Linson put together a pretty cool video of the visit: https://animoto.com/play/QVdmxITytGtTpBpIY0Lixw​ I talked to one of OUR first grade parents about the visit and she was so excited that her daughter was able to meet and show Mrs. Ritz what she is working on here at Avilla!

On Thursday night the Avilla first, third, and fifth graders had their annual spring program. They performed for a full house and the program was well received. Songs such as “Space Worms”, “Step into the Spotlight”, and “This is America” were performed. One of the highlights was the 5th grade performing “Dreamers” complete with 3 solos and sign language. A HUGE “THANK YOU” goes out to OUR custodians Debbie, Marsha, and Dean for setting up and tearing down.

This week OUR Kindergartener’s went around the classroom and took pictures of four friends. They then added those pictures to 30 Hands and recorded why they liked each one of their friends. Finally, they published their video and emailed it to their teachers. They did a wonderful job. Thank you Mrs. Mosley for doing great things with OUR kids! Please take a look at the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inAWJ9PGKjU&feature=youtu.be

East Noble High School

Northwood University was kind enough to visit the Business Pathway. They broke the kids up into small groups, gave them the morning to work on their own entrepreneurial project and then presented their idea in the afternoon. The kids did an AMAZING job coming up with legitimate ideas and frameworks of a business plan to present to a “Shark Tank” panel of teachers. The day was a great success. We hope to have Northwood back again soon for a similar day in the future!

Putting classroom principles into use, the East Noble Wildlife team took second place in the state wildlife contest last weekend. Students look at the principle needs of different species of wildlife and how to make improvements if necessary features are missing. Students also have to learn how to identify 70 different species of birds, reptiles, and mammals common to Indiana. Students also put into practice drawing out a landscape map of the area and where they would put improvements to the area to entice selected species of wildlife to that area as well as controlling certain species that might overrun an area such as starlings. By placing second, the team qualifies for a trip to either Alabama or Kentucky (whichever the first place team does not choose to attend) to compete in a national wildlife contest.

I.C.E. luncheon was May 5th at Impact Institute. Luncheon was prepared and served by Chef Peter Tzeschlock, Chef Dave Hettler, Chef Kim Murphy, and culinary students from the 13 high schools that attend Impact Institute. 28 students from East Noble High School and 1 from Hamilton High School completed the program this year and 95 employers, parents, administrators and students attended the appreciation banquet. Walmart Distribution Center sponsored 2 scholarships for the 14th year in a row and the winners were Evan Hart and Paige Coe.

East Noble Middle School

It was a nice, normal week at the middle school. Classes were held on the regular schedule and no extra-curricular events were postponed. Some highlights of the week included the 7th graders receiving information about their schedules for next year. Seventh graders have the opportunity to pick their electives and decide whether they want to opt for honors English or algebra instead of English 8 and Pre-algebra 8. Another highlight of the week was the visitation of some 7th grade teachers to all of the elementary schools. At each elementary, Mr. Deming and the teachers share expectations and opportunities that 6th graders will experience next year at the middle school. Finally, probably, the most notable occurrence of the week, was at the board meeting held in the cafeteria on Wednesday. A large number of concerned community members, many wearing yellow shirts, came to hear the plans of the new middle school project. Thank-you to all who attended and remember this Thursday at 6:30 pm in the high school Cole Auditorium is another chance for you to learn about the project and to ask questions if you wish.

North Side Elementary

It was an exciting week at North Side as eyes began looking towards next year for some of North Side students. Sixth grade wildcats had the opportunity to hear from several staff members from ENMS in regards to their opportunities next year at the middle school. Sixth graders were abuzz all week discussing computer programming, show choir, football, and other exciting opportunities. One topic on all their minds was how cool Mr. Deming is! Meanwhile, Kindergarten students were reading books like there’s no tomorrow, third graders are finishing up nonfiction writing projects on money, and second grade is in the midst of an exciting butterfly exploration project.

Second grade is waiting with anticipation on the Painted Lady Butterfly arrivals. Every day second graders watch as their caterpillars morph into butterflies. From their field trip to their research, students have been working hard on their butterfly life cycle research projects on their iPads using various apps to pull together their research and create a high quality presentation.

Rome City Elementary

First graders at Rome City celebrated the end of their plan unit by making homemade applesauce. Student were able to help make the apple sauce and enjoyed eating the healthy treat. They also spent the end of the week at the zoo. First grade had an eventful week.

Students had the opportunity to stock up on books to read over the summer during our Buy One Get One Book Fair. Student were excited to shop and see titles they have read in the classroom with teachers.

Students who had great behavior during April received the Student of the Month certificate. For exhibiting great behavior these students will get to participate in an extra recess and popsicles with Mrs. Green.

Macy Blackman, a third grader, shared her love of reading with her class through demonstrating magic tricks she learned in a magic trick book. The tricks were amazing and she had students of their edge of their seats trying to figure out how she did the magic tricks.

South Side Elementary

This week’s update comes from our pre-school! South Side Preschoolers have been working very hard and having a great time learning about things that grow, like plants and animals. We learned about all the parts of a plant. We decided that if we were going to paint some plants, we should really look at all parts of real plants; so we took a nature hike around our beautiful school and pulled up some plants in the woods. The more roots and dirt, the better! We then painted all parts of the plants we found and pressed them onto paper. It was a great way to get some hands-on science and art.

We visited Black Pine Animal Sanctuary and learned all about lions, tigers, leopards, monkeys, wolves and very loud, talking birds!

Many of our preschoolers are getting ready to transition to Kindergarten next year. We’ve begun visiting our Kindergarten classes to observe and ask questions. We also practice carrying our lunch tray every day, and we’ll be eating lunch in the cafeteria later on this month. We will be having our Graduation/End of the Year Extravaganza on June 3 . We also have a packed house with big families. It’s a great time for the kids to showcase their songs, reading skills and dancing!

Wayne Center Elementary

Wayne Center has had a very busy week! We started our week with our spring music program. Kindergarten, second, and fourth grade students had the opportunity to share with their families all they have been learning in music class this year. The theme of our program was Lighten Up. The students did a great job singing and dancing!

Wednesday marked our National Elementary Honor Society induction. We were thrilled to induct 17 new members into our National Elementary Honor Society! Our current members did a great job leading the evening through the candle lighting ceremony and a recap of all the service projects they have done this school year.

Fourth graders at Wayne Center are working hard to prepare for our Writer’s Showcase next week! Students are picking their best writing pieces to display and share with others. This is a great way for our students to show how hard they have worked this year, and all they have learned about creating different types of writing.