News From Room 11

February 1, 2013

What will be learning/doing Next Week:

* Language Arts Unit 4 Week 1- How do teams work together?

-Vocabulary: encourage, friendship, relationship, rely, suggest

- Grammar: Verbs - Was and Were

- Phonics: words with Long a (ai, ay)

- Spelling Words: mail, chain, play, rain, way, day, string, split, walked, eight

- Skill: Prediction

* Math- Place Value

Important Notes:

100th Day of School

-Tuesday, February 5th is the 100th day of school! Please send in the SAME object. Be creative! We will be counting, sharing, and comparing our collections of 100 objects. (NO FOOD) These collections will NOT be returned

Valentine’s Cards:

Remember to start making your cards!

Important Dates:

-February 4th and 7th room 11 MAP testing

-February 18th – 22nd Presidents Week – No School


Christy Campbell


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