Suggestions for Student Success

You can greatly assist your child’s education by making sure he/she is fully prepared for school each day including:

● Getting a good night’s sleep prior to every school day.

● Making sure your student has breakfast at home or at school.

● Making sure your student leaves home with all the materials and supplies he/she will need for the day.

● Making sure that all homework and other assignments have been completed the night before.

● Finding time to talk with your child and discuss how everything is going at school.

● Limiting the amount of time your child spends watching television and playing video games. ● Include any written information that you feel is important for your child’s teacher(s) to know.

● Encouraging your child to do his/her best so he/she can be.

  • Actively communicate with your students' teacher(s).

  • Making sure that you sign up in Power School so you can receive all communication about your child.

  • Making sure that you, the parent, have signed into Power School.