Andrea Hale Block 4


Physical Properties:

  • boiling point - 675°F
  • atomic mass - 200.59
  • color - white/silver, mirror appearance
Chemical Properties:

  • density - 15.5336 cm/g^3
  • oxidation - doesn't react to oxygen (in the air)
  • highly toxic

  • Mercury can be found in coal burning power plants, ex: volcanoes
  • It is used for thermometers, barometers, and dental uses. Mercury is an alloy so it can be combined with other elements for multiple other uses. For example, making signs, batteries, etc.

Compounds Mercury Forms: fluorides, hydrides, chlorides, iodides, bromides, oxides, sulfides, nitrides, etc.

Reactivity: mercury reacts multiple different substances like air, water, halogens, and only acids under certain conditions.

Isotopes: mercury has a total of 7 isotopes.

Safety Information: keep from little exposure as possible to protect from nerve or kidney damage

Mercury Story

Mercury was living alone, in a small apartment, engulfed in a big city, confining himself from the outside world so he couldn't harm anyone. Mercury can slip through little spots and grows as he gets hot. He has to stay away because long ago, he hurt too many people. Mercury grew strong connections with people but became too close. Once that occurred he had to be separated from them because their relationship was too unsafe. Mercury caused health issues to those too close around. Therefore, now leaving him in a small apartment to himself.

The first time Mercury ever harmed anyone was when he was just a boy. The first day in kindergarten he met a friend and they became very close, always having play dates and laughing alongside each other. As time went on, Mercury's friend had been exposed to him for too long, and a month later had nerve damage. A similar incident happened again in middle school. Mercury had finally became apart of the popular crowd, but it didn't last for long because one week after Mercury and his friends hanging out day and night, they all received liver damage. After all the embarrassment through 8th grade, Mercury's family decided to have him homeschooled so he wouldn't be held responsible for the health issues of others.

Mercury has been living on his own since he's 18. He couldn't go to college because of the risk of hurting those around him. In his apartment, he must keep it cool, because he doesn't like growing. Mercury is used to all of the strict living conditions, but wishes to know what is like to be a regular element.