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Very Important Literacy Updates

Manor ISD Campus Based Leadership Teams,

Today marks the first day of class on Project Share for all CBLT members statewide. This semester's module is all about the Texas State Literacy Plan (TSLP) Process. Our teams will focus on streamlining our Data Informed Plans (DIP) and/or Language & Pre-Literacy Development Plan (LPLDD).

The purpose of the Texas State Literacy Plan (TSLP) Process Module is to show educators and leaders how to use the TSLP for educational improvement. This module provides an opportunity for each of you to involve everyone on your campus in analyzing, implementing, and improving the practices and programs at your site. Based on the orientation section in Project Share, this module is focused more on the “how to,” as opposed to the “what is,” of the Texas State Literacy Plan.I have gotten an opportunity to read the orientation and assignment for this week.


  • The work in this module is the same for ALL age/grade levels, but the decisions you make, action steps you choose, etc. will differ from campus to campus. You will be selecting an Action Step from the Effective Instructional Framework Module ONLY

  • The "Learning By Example" section is key! This section offers an assimilation of an elementary school. Keep in mind, the process and approach is appropriate for any age/grade level team

  • During this module, your site/campus-based leadership team will engage in a process that will be unique to your site/campus. There will not be a lot to read, but the assignments require you to be very hands - on. This is the perfect time to involve ALL educators on your site

  • In the course schedule, you will see that some lessons span two to four weeks. It is designed this way to give you time to research, create, and then implement a plan that is based on the TSLP and tailored to your site or campus


  • Your ENTIRE CBLT team involved in this process. It is not designed for one or two members to complete the work in a silo, especially when based on your CBLT's decisions, you will need to involve your entire campus

  • A copy of your updated Implementation Map (this map can be found on the TSLP Resource Site)

  • The Six Step Process for Working on an Action Step (this is embedded within week one's lesson in Project Share as a PDF)

  • To update the Language & Pre-Literacy Development Plan (LPDP) for 0 - SE only, and the Data Informed Plan (DIP) for K - 5 and 6 - 12; There will be opportunities to do this throughout this semester. The template has been streamlined and it will be an expectation that each campus uses the new template

  • To designate one person from your team as the DIP Expert. This person will be required to attend the upcoming training. I will meet with this team as a whole to train them on the new required template

  • A Copy of the TSLP Implementation Guides for your age/grade level ( this is embedded within week one's lesson in Project Share)

  • Only one person, preferably the same person, uploading the information for your team. Be sure that you are using the proper naming conventions. Our District Grant Implementation Team will checking assignments regularly and responding in the Work Group, and will ask you to re-submit them using the proper conventions, if necessary

  • If your CBLT's meeting time and date has changed, please notify me via email of the change

See more vital information throughout the E-Newsletter. As we embark on this journey together as a district, I do hope these updates help your team prepare for a great spring semester in Project Share. Don't worry… our District Grant Implementation Team will be with you the entire way!

Always with digital literacy in mind,

Felicia Turner

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February 10 - 16 ~ 1st Week of Class in Project Share, Narrowing the Focus

February 17 - March 2 ~ Planning For Implementation, Middle of the Year Grant Implementation Team Meeting at Blake Manor Elementary (Lights, Camera, & Literacy!)

March 3 - 9 ~ Completing the Plan & DIP/Language &Pre-Literacy Development Plan Meeting/Updates to New Template, DIP Training for Campus Designee

March 10 - April 6 ~ Implementing the Plan & DIP/Language & Pre-Literacy Development Plan Updates to New Template

April 7 - 20 ~ Assessing & Looking Forward & DIP/Language & Pre-Literacy Development Plan Updates to New Template

April 21 - May 5 ~ Finalizing Process Template & Complete DIP/Language & Pre-Literacy Development Plan Updates Using New DIP Template

May 5 - 19 ~ Finalize Necessities for Binders, Complete ALL Requirements Outlined by District GIT Team

May 28 ~ End of the Year Grant Implementation Team Meeting (The 100 Hats of Literacy)

Data Informed Plan Training

Tuesday, March 4th, 9-11am

Central Administration Building, Room B217

This will be a hands - on training session. While any CBLT member that wants to learn more about the DIP is welcome to attend this training, pre-identified DIP Experts from each CBLT are required to attend. Use the link below to register for this course in Eduphoria.

Participants will need to bring to this session the following information:

  1. Laptop
  2. Campus Implementation Map
  3. A hard copy of their campus DIP or Pre-Literacy Language Development Plan
  4. Campus Smart Goals


RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Part III: The Intensive Care: Tools for Differentiation

On Thursday, February 6, the TLI team offered Part III of the Educational Associates to the Rescue Series. During this session, participants discussed what high impact intervention looks like and feels like in an educational setting. The highlight of the day was when each of the participants were able to create hands - on differentiated instruction activities that could be immediately used with their intervention groups.

Special thanks to our dynamic literacy leaders, Alicia Adame & Kim Wyman from Presidential Meadows, Elisa Medrano from Oak Meadows Elementary, Colombia Cauman from Bluebonnet Trail Elementary, and Trish Durr from Region 13. These ladies did a fabulous job leading the meeting! You Rock!

Natalie Weber was the first person to respond to last week's article on Edmodo! She will receive her "special gift" at next week's MOY meeting!

Manor ISD Grant Implementation Team

Laurie Fay, Grant Coordinator laurie.fay@manorisd.net

Amelia Brown, TLI Account Manageramelia.brown@manorisd.net

Muya Hayes, Early Childhood Coordinatormuya.hayes@manorisd.net

Alex Carrillo, Elementary Literacy Coordinatoralex.carrillo@manorisd.net

Colleen Stearns,Secondary Literacy Coordinatorcolleen.stearns@manorisd.net

Felicia Turner, 21st Century Literacy Coordinator felicia.turner@manorisd.net