Father of Geometry

School of geometry


  • Lives in Alexandria during the time of Macedonia
  • Father of Geometry
  • Founded Euclidian Geometry
  • Wrote the thirteen books called Euclid's Elements
  • One of the few books was translated into Latin
  • Also known for Optiks
  • Optiks explains how we see the world through our eyes


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  • Great Architecture (Adds Character to the Community)
  • Outdoor Study Space
  • Enjoy Athens Scenery
  • Protective Gate (No Unwanted Visitors)
  • Safe and Secure
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Central Area

  • Indoor Study Space
  • Math Decor (Promotes Math Values)
  • Statue of Euclid
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Statue of Euclid

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  • Concept Promotes Open Discussions
  • Great Area for Large Lectures
  • Euclid's Books Will be Available for Curriculum and Reference


Students will learn the topics of geometry in Each of Euclid's Books


  • Theory of Triangles
  • Theory of Parallels
  • Theory of Area
  • Theory of Circles
  • Theory of Abstract Proportions
  • Number Theory
  • Proportions and Fundamentals of Number Theory
  • Geometric Algebra
  • Constructions of inscribed and circumscribed figures
  • Similar figures and proportions in geometry
  • Classification of incommensurables
  • Solid Geometry
  • Measurement of figures
  • Regular Solids
  • How we See the World Through Our Eyes


  • Promotes Math
  • Focuses on Geometry
  • Lessons Can be Used When Working/Out of School

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Elizabeth Ellis